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Portugal. The Man

There has to be some credit given for this band's name alone -- co-founder John Gourley once explained it as an attempt to create a demi-mythic entity bigger than the individual members. Formed in Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man (yes, there's a period in the middle of their name) grew out of the ashes of Anatomy of a Ghost, a post-hardcore band whose vocalist and guitarist -- Gourley and Zach Carothers, respectively -- opted to continue working together. Rounding out the new band's lineup was keyboardist/singer Wes Hubbard, himself a veteran of other Alaskan groups, and the trio eventually relocated from Alaska to Portland, Oregon. Their initial existence in the Pacific Northwest was the typical hardscrabble life of a band with few resources, but drummer Jason Sechrist (formerly of Konmai Defense System) joined to form a more stable lineup. The band's profile received a boost from the Internet (the musicians made heavy use of MySpace and PureVolume for promotional purposes), and Portugal. The Man released an initial EP in 2005 before issuing their debut album, Waiter: You Vultures!, in early 2006. The next year, the group (whose lineup had once again reverted to three members, as Hubbard had left and was replaced by touring keyboardist Ryan Neighbors), issued Church Mouth, whose aggressive sound bore traces of Led Zeppelin and Jane's Addiction. The bandmates then opted to finance their third record themselves, drawing upon a wealth of guest musicians -- including trombonists, trumpeters, and violinists -- to create the eclectic Censored Colors. In 2009 the group released The Satanic Satanist, then quickly followed up the next year with the mellower and more electronic American Ghetto. Later that year, the band signed with Atlantic Records. Guitarist Noah Gersh joined the band for their 2011 summer tour. The group recorded their major label debut album, In the Mountain in the Cloud in late 2011; it was produced by John Hill, mixed by Andy Wallace, and released in July of 2012. A month earlier, Sleep Forever, a 13-minute short directed by Michael Ragen, and shot entirely in Gourley's hometown, premiered on the Independent Film Channel. This was the last recording for members Sechrist and Neighbors, who were replaced by drummer Kane Richotte and keyboardist Kyle O'Quin. Portugal. The Man enlisted Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) as producer for 2013's Evil Friends; the album was released in June of 2013. ~ Ned Raggett
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Portugal. The Man

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Portugal. The Man

  1.   Song
  2.   People Say
  3.   Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)
  4.   Feel It Still
  5.   Purple Yellow Red and Blue
  6.   All My People
  7.   The Dead Dog
  8.   AKA M80 the Wolf
  9.   My Mind
  10.   Modern Jesus
  11.   Sugar Cinnamon
  12.   Lay Me Back Down
  13.   Noise Pollution
  14.   Lovers in Love
  15.   So American
  16.   60 Years
  17.   Evil Friends
  18.   Guns and Dogs
  19.   Smile
  20.   Work All Day
  21.   Head Is a Flame (Cool with It)
  22.   Sleep Forever
  23.   Atomic Man
  24.   Church Mouth
  25.   The Sun
  26.   Do You
  27.   New Orleans
  28.   Creep in a T-Shirt
  29.   Do What We Do
  30.   Colors
  31.   Share with Me the Sun
  32.   Telling Tellers Tell Me
  33.   Created
  34.   Waiter
  35.   Main Man
  36.   Once Was One
  37.   Our Way
  38.   Children
  39.   Sleeping Sleepers Sleep
  40.   Break
  41.   How the Leopard Got Its Spots
  42.   Someday Believers
  43.   Holy Roller (Hallelujah)
  44.   Sea of Air
  45.   Hip Hop Kids
  46.   Plastic Soldiers
  47.   The Devil
  48.   The Pines
  49.   You Carried Us (Share with Me the Sun)
  50.   All Your Light (Times Like These)
  51.   Hard Times
  52.   1989
  53.   When the War Ends
  54.   1000 Years
  55.   Let You Down
  56.   The Woods
  57.   All Mine
  58.   Hard Times and Our Times
  59.   And I
  60.   Dawn
  61.   Sun Brother (Excerpt)
  62.   Guns. Guns...Guns
  63.   Tommy
  64.   Kill Me. The King
  65.   Bad, Bad Levi Brown
  66.   Marching with 6
  67.   Gold Fronts
  68.   Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side)
  69.   Everyone Is Golden
  70.   Elephants
  71.   Senseless
  72.   Our Times
  73.   Some Men
  74.   Mornings
  75.   The Home
  76.   Salt
  77.   Horse Warming Party
  78.   Evil Friends by Danny Brown
  79.   Fantastic Pace
  80.   Waves
  81.   Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)