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Like the extreme music they created, San Francisco's Possessed seemed cursed by dark and evil forces throughout their troubled career. Formed by guitarist Mike Torrao and drummer Mike Sus in 1983, the group would lose first singer Barry Fisk to suicide before even graduating out of their garage band status. They persisted though, and after recruiting vocalist/bassist Jeff Becerra and guitarist Brian Montana, the band was offered a slot on Brian Slagel's Metal Massacre 6 compilation. Possessed's savage sound immediately stood out from their competition and drew the attention of Combat Records, with whom they signed in 1985 after replacing Montana with guitarist Larry LaLonde. Issued later that year, the brutal Seven Churches was arguably the first true death metal album and set the stage for the genre's breakaway from thrash. Their second effort, Beyond the Gates, was released, fittingly enough, on Halloween 1986, but didn't have the same impact as its predecessor. After recording the five-track EP The Eyes of Horror the following year (produced by LaLonde's guitar teacher Joe Satriani), the band decided to call it quits. Two years later, frontman Becerra was shot during a mugging and left paralyzed from the waist down. LaLonde would go on to a long career with quirky trio Primus and Torrao went as far as recording some demos with a new Possessed lineup before dismantling the group once again. A compilation called Victims of Death was released in 1993. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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    Progressive Rock
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dream
  3.   Darkness, Darkness
  4.   Pentagram
  5.   Beautiful White Moon
  6.   Niaga Olleh
  7.   Carpe Diem
  8.   No Will to Live
  9.   Tribulation
  10.   Death Metal
  11.   Fallen Angel
  12.   Exploration
  13.   Beyond the Gates
  14.   Evil Warriors
  15.   Confessions
  16.   Be Your Friend
  17.   Party Politics
  18.   Climb the Wooden Hills
  19.   Thunder & Lightning
  20.   Twisted Minds
  21.   Satan's Curse
  22.   Disheartened & Disillusioned
  23.   Seance
  24.   Phantasm
  25.   Holy Hell
  26.   American Hero
  27.   My Belief
  28.   The Eyes of Horror
  29.   Killing Man
  30.   (I Think You're) Hot
  31.   Swing of the Axe
  32.   Love That You Gave
  33.   I See the Light
  34.   Exploration, Pt. 2
  35.   All Night Long
  36.   Beast of the Apocalypse
  37.   March to Die
  38.   Intro
  39.   Reminiscing
  40.   The Exorcist
  41.   Storm in My Mind
  42.   Farewell and Goodbye
  43.   Love 'Em & Leave 'Em
  44.   Heretic
  45.   Burning in Hell
  46.   Airhead
  47.   Fifth of November
  48.   Swimg of the Axe
  49.   Seven Churches
  50.   Wasted Love
  51.   Sad Sad Sea
  52.   Restless Dead
  53.   Dog Fight
  54.   N-Line
  55.   Swing the Axe
  56.   Exploration Pt. II
  57.   Excorcist (Live)

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