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Prince Paul

Beginning his career as a DJ for Stetsasonic, rapper and producer Prince Paul has lent his skills to albums by Boogie Down Productions, Gravediggaz, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, and 3rd Bass, among others. Paul's big break came when he produced De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising album. Shattering the acknowledged rules of hip-hop production, he sampled not only funk, but all types of music to create fresh and original backing tracks. By throwing in comedy sketches as well, Prince Paul and De La Soul completely ushered in a new era for hip-hop. In 1994, Paul returned to rapping, joining RZA and Stetsasonic member Frukwan in Gravediggaz, a side project that debuted with 6 Feet Deep. He also began working with the new elite in underground rap, recruiting the Automator, New Kingdom's Scott Harding, and Spectre for his debut solo album, 1997's Psychoanalysis: What Is It? A Prince Among Thieves followed in 1999, and later that year Paul formed Handsome Boy Modeling School with the Automator to release the album So...How's Your Girl?. His own Politics of the Business, another concept album that was more bitter than biting, surfaced in 2003 (a year after a second Handsome Boy Modeling School album), and was followed by 2005's Itstrumental, as well as the archival compilation Hip Hop Gold Dust. ~ Steve Kurutz
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Prince Paul

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Prince Paul

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Prince Paul

  1.   Song
  2.   More Than U Know
  3.   Handle Your Time
  4.   Room 69
  5.   What U Got
  6.   The New Joint (DJ's Delite)
  7.   Mood for Love
  8.   Steady Slobbin'
  9.   A Prince Among Thieves
  10.   The Men in Blue
  11.   The Bust
  12.   My First Day
  13.   The Rev
  14.   Sermon
  15.   Crazy Lou's Hideout
  16.   Mr. Large
  17.   Macula's Theory
  18.   My Big Chance
  19.   Introduction to Psychoanalysis (Schizophrenia)
  20.   Flattery
  21.   Chubb Rock Can You Please Pay Paul the $2200 You Owe Him (People, ...)
  22.   Controversial Headlines aka Champion Sound, Pt. 2 featuring Horror City
  23.   Beautifully Absurd featuring K' Alyn
  24.   Controversial Headlines aka Champion Sound, Pt. 1/My Bookie by Horror City
  25. Word
  26.   What I Need
  27.   Original Crhyme Pays/Ralph Nader
  28.   Politics of the Business
  29.   Not Tryin' to Hear That/Words (Album Leak)
  30.   So What
  31.   The Drive By
  32.   Make Room
  33.   A Day in the Life
  34.   Sucker for Love by Dee Are Strange
  35.   Every Beginning Must Have an Ending
  36.   You Got Shot
  37.   Showdown
  38.   Central Booking
  39.   I Was In
  40.   Put the Next Man On
  41.   Can You Handle It
  42.   Count Macula
  43.   War Party
  44.   Weapon World
  45.   The Other Line
  46.   The Call
  47.   MC Hustler
  48.   The Hustles On
  49.   Just Another Day
  50.   How It All Started
  51.   Pain
  52.   Tariq's Dilemma (Intro)
  53.   2 B Blunt (A True Story)
  54.   Dime Pieces
  55.   Worlds a Stage
  56.   Why Must You Hate Me
  57.   Outroduction to Diagnosis Psychosis
  58.   That's Entertainment? (Aversive Conditioning)
  59.   Psycho Linguistics (Convergent Thought)
  60.   Drinks (Escapism)
  61.   Booty Clap
  62.   To Get a Gun
  63.   Vexual Healing (Vacillation)
  64.   You Made Me (A.K.C.)
  65.   Beautiful Night (Manic Psychopath)
  66.   Popmaster Intro
  67.   A Life in the Day
  68.   Drama Queen featuring Dave
  69.   In Your Mind (Altered States)
  70.   Open Your Mouth (Hypothalamus)
  71.   J.O.B. - Das What Dey Is?

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