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Puddle of Mudd


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One of the first acts signed to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's label, Flawless Records, was the alt-metal quartet Puddle of Mudd -- consisting of Wesley Scantlin (guitar and vocals), Paul Phillips (guitar), Douglas Ardito (bass), and Greg Upchurch (drums). While their songs expectedly contain the rage of such contemporaries as Korn and Rage Against the Machine, Scantlin's voice at times is eerily similar to Nirvana's late, great frontman, Kurt Cobain, containing unmistakable elements of traditional hard rock (unlike the other aforementioned band's penchant for rap). August 2001 saw the release of their major-label debut, Come Clean (which was preceded by the independent release Abrasive), as they embarked on a European tour with Godsmack a month later, before touring the U.S. as part of the Family Values 2001 tour, alongside Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, and Staind. The band subsequently remained somewhat busy, releasing Life on Display in 2003 and Famous in 2007. Two years later, Puddle of Mudd went back into the studio with producer Brian Howes and recorded their fourth studio effort, Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate. ~ Greg Prato
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Puddle of Mudd

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Albums by
Puddle of Mudd

Top Songs by
Puddle of Mudd

  1.   Song
  2.   Blurry
  3.   Psycho
  4.   Control
  5.   Drift & Die
  6.   Stoned
  7.   She Hates Me
  8.   Famous
  9.   Spaceship
  10.   Livin' on Borrowed Time
  11.   Away From Me
  12.   Gimme Shelter
  13.   Better Place
  14.   Rocket Man
  15.   We Don't Have To Look Back Now
  16.   Old Man
  17.   Uno Mas
  18.   Bring Me Down
  19.   The Joker
  20.   All Right Now
  21.   Cocaine
  22.   Out of My Head
  23.   Shooting Star
  24.   Out of My Way
  25.   Spin You Around
  26.   Thinking About You
  27.   Radiate
  28.   Nobody Told Me
  29.   The Only Reason
  30.   Already Gone
  31.   Said
  32.   Everybody Wants You
  33.   Pitchin' a Fit
  34.   Merry Go Round
  35.   Bleed
  36.   Think
  37.   Heel Over Head
  38.   P*** It All Away
  39.   Never Change
  40.   With a Little Help from My Friends
  41.   T.N.T.
  42.   Stop Dragging My Heart Around
  43.   Funk #49
  44.   D'yer Mak'er
  45.   Keep It Together
  46.   Hooky
  47.   Crowsfeet
  48.   Blood on the Table
  49.   If I Could Love You
  50.   I'm So Sure
  51.   Moonshine
  52.   It Was Faith
  53.   Cloud 9
  54.   Basement
  55.   Abrasive
  56.   Nothing Left to Lose
  57.   Time Flies
  58.   Freak of the World
  59.   Bottom
  60.   Change My Mind
  61.   Sydney
  62.   Behind The Scenes Footage
  63.   Intro: Overlords of New Grunge by Sián Jones
  64.   Let There Be Rock by Sián Jones
  65.   The Early Struggle by Sián Jones
  66.   Salvation Through a Fake Pass by Sián Jones
  67.   A Brand New Day by Sián Jones
  68.   Titans of Rock by Sián Jones
  69.   Transcending Notoriety by Sián Jones
  70.   Analysis of a Troubled Soul by Sián Jones
  71.   Grunge Forefathers by Sián Jones
  72.   Only the Beginning by Sián Jones
  73.   Life Ain't Fair
  74.   Daddy
  75.   Stressed Out
  76.   All I Ask For
  77.   Hour Glass Man
  78.   Locket
  79.   Migraine
  80.   Purple Heart
  81.   Time
  82.   She Hate Me
  83.   Nothing Left 2 Lose