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Continuing in the tradition of Tennessee-based garage revivalists like Jack Oblivian and Jay Reatard, Pujol serves up lo-fi, high-energy raw rock & roll at a prolific rate. Growing up in the small town of Tullahoma and dissatisfied with the pattern of starting bands that later ran out of steam or broke up, singer/guitarist Daniel Pujol formed the group in 2009 with the idea of playing with whoever was available when he had new songs on hand in order to keep the sound fresh and forward-moving. This approach proved to be very effective, as he released a pair of 7"s for the JEFF the Brotherhood-affiliated label Infinity Cat that year, followed in 2010 by a 12" live EP for Jack White's label, Third Man. His full-length debut, X File on Main Street, arrived in 2011, along with a handful of 7"s and his most high-profile release yet, the Nasty, Brutish, and Short EP for the Saddle Creek label -- all told, Pujol offered ten releases between 2009 and 2011. The revolving-door nature of the band often found Pujol collaborating with musicians from the Nashville indie scene, but for a fall 2011 tour with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, he was joined by Police drummer turned film/TV composer Stewart Copeland and Mitch Jones (best known for playing bass with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks). In spring 2012, Pujol offered his second studio album, United States of Being, on Saddle Creek. The Kludge LP followedin May 2014. ~ Chrysta Cherrie
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  1.   Song
  2.   Reverse Vampire
  3.   Mayday
  4.   DIY2K
  5.   Spooky Scary
  6.   Battles
  7.   Johno
  8.   Point of View
  9.   Each and Everday
  10.   BBQ
  11.   Strawman In Leather
  12.   No Woids
  13.   Psychic Pain
  14.   Dark Haired Suitor
  15.   Manufactured Crisis Control
  16.   Jungmoney
  17.   Bonedaddy
  18.   Angelbaby
  19.   Johnno!
  20.   Sliderz
  21.   Get'n Hard
  22.   Right and Wrong
  23.   Deathmask
  24.   Too Safe
  25.   Black Rabbit
  26.   Niceness
  27.   Tiny Gods (Singularity)
  28.   Circles
  29.   State Of Mind
  30.   Emotion Chip (No Feeling)
  31.   Endless Mike
  32.   Jodeye
  33.   Keeper of Atlantis
  34.   Judas Booth
  35.   How High
  36.   P2p Demo
  37.   Over the Counter Culture
  38.   Reader
  39.   Small World
  40.   Cultist
  41.   Turd Eye
  42.   Stuff
  43.   Pitch Black
  44.   Providence
  45.   Post Grad
  46.   Sacred Harp BFK
  47.   Youniverse
  48.   Magna Cum Loud
  49.   Dark Knight in Shining Armor
  50.   Mission from God
  51.   No Words
  52.   Made of Money
  53.   Scully
  54.   Rightnwrong
  55.   Typhoid Mary
  56.   Jimmie Rodgers
  57.   Cavedude
  58.   [CD-ROM Track]
  59.   A Demo of Egyptian Afterlife

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