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Rachael Yamagata

Singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata grew up listening to Carole King, Roberta Flack, James Taylor, and the like, for music was the one thing in Yamagata's life that remained consistent. Her parents divorced when she was two, forcing her to find a balance between her German-Italian mother's apartment in New York City and the Washington, D.C. residence of her third-generation Japanese father. Such frequent travel readied Yamagata for a way of life that would eventually lead her to a professional singing career. By the time she reached Northwestern University in the mid-'90s, Yamagata had one year of piano lessons and a spiral notebook full of songs under her belt. After pursuing a degree in French for one year, she relocated to New York to become an Italian theater major at Vassar. Sporadic changes loomed ahead, however. When her acting coach at Vassar moved to Barnard College, Yamagata thought she would go, too. She eventually opted to return to Northwestern instead, where she joined the theater program and befriended the funk band Bumpus during her junior year. Bumpus was a mainstay on the club circuit in Chicago, and Yamagata soon landed a gig singing with the band. She spent six years in the lineup, recording three albums and touring the country along the way. By 2001, however, Yamagata felt her time with Bumpus had run its course. She had a solid batch of songs that didn't gel with the band's funkafied formula, and a solo career was soon launched. In September 2002, Yamagata landed a deal with Arista's Private Music, and her self-titled EP arrived in October. Her first full-length album, Happenstance, followed in June 2004. Featuring production from John Alagía, who had previously helmed such albums as John Mayer's Room for Squares and Dave Matthews Band's Busted Stuff, the album's pop-tinged sound found its way onto several teen-driven TV shows, including The O.C. and Alias. Happenstance also endeared Yamagata to such musicians as Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz, Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst, and Rhett Miller, all of whom invited her to perform on their albums as Yamagata readied her sophomore effort. Boosted by such support, she returned in 2008 with Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart, an eclectic release that featured both intimate material and PJ Harvey-inspired rock. ~ MacKenzie Wilson & Andrew Leahey
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Rachael Yamagata

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    Female Focus
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    Late Night Mix

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Albums by
Rachael Yamagata

Top Songs by
Rachael Yamagata

  1.   Song
  2.   Elephants
  3.   Even If I Don't
  4.   Worn Me Down
  5.   Starlight
  6.   Duet
  7.   Reason Why
  8.   Quiet
  9.   The Only Fault
  10.   Would You Please
  11.   River
  12.   What If I Leave
  13.   Don't
  14.   Brown Eyes
  15.   Known for Years
  16.   Be Be Your Love
  17.   Sidedish Friend
  18.   Meet Me By The Water
  19.   I Want You
  20.   Under My Skin
  21.   I Don't Want To Be Your Mother
  22.   Miles On a Car
  23.   Stick Around
  24.   You Won't Let Me
  25.   Both Sides Now
  26.   Pause the Tragic Ending
  27.   Over and Over
  28.   Ode To...
  29.   I Wish You Love
  30.   Paper Doll
  31.   1963
  32.   I'm Going to Go Back There Someday
  33.   Collide
  34.   Elephants Instrumental [Album
  35.   The Way It Seems To Go
  36.   Saturday Morning
  37.   You Take My Troubles Away by Dan Wilson
  38.   These Girls
  39.   Faster
  40.   Horizon
  41.   Accident
  42.   Sunday Afternoon
  43.   Would You Please/These Girls
  44.   I'll Find A Way
  45.   Baby Come Find Me At Christmas
  46.   Jesus Was a Cross Maker
  47.   Moments With Oliver
  48.   Worn Me Down by Malcolm Burn
  49.   Full On
  50.   Letter Read
  51.   Little Life
  52.   Edith
  53.   Hand of God
  54.   Even So
  55.   Dealbreaker
  56.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  57.   Here Comes the Sun
  58.   These Girls / Would You Please
  59.   Elephants Instrumental
  60.   Be Your Love
  61.   Heavyweight
  62.   It'll Do
  63.   Jonah
  64.   Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

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