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Boston, MA trio Revocation is comprised of vocalist/guitarist David Davidson, vocalist/bassist Anthony Buda, and drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne -- all of whom showcase incredible dexterity at their chosen instruments, even by heavy metal standards, and came together as a group in 2005. Armed with a super-technical thrash/death metal style prizing virtuosity as much as heaviness and aggression, the group soon began attracting A&R men from numerous labels with their self-released Summon the Spawn EP (2006) and Empire of the Obscene album (2008). They eventually decided to sign with Relapse Records, and delivered their second full-length, Existence Is Futile, in September 2009, also to very positive reviews. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Across Forests and Fjords
  3.   Apex
  4.   The Gift You Gave
  5.   Madness Opus
  6.   Enter the Hall
  7.   The Fix
  8.   Scorched Earth Policy
  9.   Entombed by Wealth
  10.   The Hive
  11.   The Grip Tightens
  12.   No Funeral
  13.   Cretin
  14.   The Brain Scramblers
  15.   Conjuring the Cataclysm
  16.   Sworn to the Black
  17.   Invidious
  18.   Fracked
  19.   Teratogenesis
  20.   Deathless
  21.   Bound By Desire
  22.   Leviathan Awaits
  23.   Maniacally Unleashed
  24.   Spastic
  25.   The Tragedy of Modern Ages
  26.   Cradle Robber
  27.   Harlot
  28.   Scattering the Flock
  29.   Fractal Entity
  30.   The Blackest Reaches
  31.   The Watchers
  32.   Beloved Horrifier
  33.   Labyrinth of Eyes
  34.   Dyers Eve
  35.   Surprise! You're Dead!
  36.   Deathonomics
  37.   Chaos of Forms
  38.   Dismantle the Dictator
  39.   A Debt Owed to the Grave
  40.   United in Helotry
  41.   Witch Trials
  42.   Pestilence Reigns
  43.   Dethroned
  44.   Anthem of the Betrayed
  45.   Re-Animaniac
  46.   A Visitation
  47.   Reprogrammed
  48.   Archifiend
  49.   Numbing Agents
  50.   Dissolution Ritual
  51.   Existence Is Futile
  52.   Spurn the Outstretched Hand
  53.   Empire of the Obscene
  54.   Unattained
  55.   Tail from the Crypt
  56.   Exhumed Identity
  57.   Fields of Predation
  58.   Alliance and Tyranny
  59.   Suffer These Wounds
  60.   Summon the Spawn
  61.   None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
  62.   Stillness
  63.   Age of Iniquity

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