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Richard Leo Johnson

Richard Leo Johnson is a self-taught guitarist whose unorthodox acoustic style is reminiscent of the late Michael Hedges. While he is often placed in the new age camp, his sonic and rhythmic whirlwinds are often far more intense than that term implies. He claims Leo Kottke, John McLaughlin, and Pete Townshend as influences. Some will also detect strong hints of Larry Coryell, Ralph Towner, and Pat Metheny. Born and raised in Arkansas and residing in Georgia, Johnson was quite successful as an architectural photographer before becoming a musician. His debut recording, Fingertip Ship, was released in 1999 on Blue Note Records. Language, also on Blue Note, appeared in 2000. Johnson's next three albums were released on Cuneiform Records, Poetry of Appliance in 2004 followed by Legend of Vernon McAlister in 2006 and Who Knew Charlie Shoe? in 2007. ~ David R. Adler
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Richard Leo Johnson

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Richard Leo Johnson

Top Songs by
Richard Leo Johnson

  1.   Song
  2.   When I Met Chet
  3.   4 Months, 4 Days
  4.   Whatever You Want, Whatever You Need
  5.   Eaten by Wolves at Midnight
  6.   Superman
  7.   Shack in the Back
  8.   Eulogy
  9.   Three Wishes Wasted
  10.   Triumph Over Loss
  11.   First Night Alone
  12.   Swap Meet Sunday
  13.   The Porch Faces Sunset
  14.   Like Father Like Sun by Gregg Bendian
  15.   Everything Is Beautiful and Sad
  16.   Morning Glory
  17.   Little Sparrow
  18.   Roundhouse Right
  19.   Love and Trouble
  20.   I Believe in Reintarnation
  21.   Forgotten Lullaby by Gregg Bendian
  22.   Uncertain Weather
  23.   Uncle Toby's Place
  24.   Rockasilly
  25.   Side Road to Splendor
  26.   First Breath in a Bean Field
  27.   Where the Rivers Meet
  28.   Blind Injustice
  29.   Looking For Vernon
  30.   Whitewash Worship Warehouse/Fine Washer and Dryer
  31.   More Than All the Stars in the Sky
  32.   Good Soldier
  33.   Hazard Pay
  34.   Junk Fish Out of Water
  35.   Boxcar Dreams and Dark Tunnels
  36.   Where the River Meets the Hills
  37.   Jesus on a Tire Swing
  38.   Briar Patch Harmony
  39.   Quarter-Tone Soldiers Marching on the Mill
  40.   Koto Cries Whiskey
  41.   Serve Up the Red Clay and Rhubarb
  42.   Haploid Springs
  43.   Highway 420 Revisited
  44.   The Moon Is a Sky Thing
  45.   Itty Bitty Ditty
  46.   Circus Came and Went
  47.   Angry Angel
  48.   Her to Hymn
  49.   Glidepath
  50.   Charmin' Carmen/Meditation on Hymn
  51.   Skin and Bones

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