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Richie Sambora


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Raised in the humble, swampside locale of Woodbridge, New Jersey, Richie Sambora -- the gifted lead guitarist of the multi-million-selling rock act, Bon Jovi -- was initially inspired by blues-based icons of the 1960s such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Following a self-released eponymous 1980 hard rock album with an act called Message that he had co-founded with the late Dean Fasano, Sambora took a two-week trip to Los Angeles to audition for a place in Kiss. Although the audition was unsuccessful, on his return to New Jersey a reassuring friend suggested that he make contact with Jon Bongiovi, a local artist whose taste in music was perhaps more closely aligned with Sambora's than that of Gene Simmons and company. By 1983, Sambora had replaced Dave Sabo as the guitarist in Bon Jovi and the band was signed to Mercury Records. Selling over 28 million copies, Bon Jovi's third album, Slippery When Wet, became their most successful record, ushering hair metal into the mainstream. Sambora had a hand in composing nine of the ten tracks, enjoying not unsubstantial royalties from what became the highest-selling album of 1987 in the U.S. As a result of this success, Sambora found himself in the media spotlight more than ever and his relationship and subsequent breakup with Cher were widely reported. Following an extensive promotional campaign for 1988’s New Jersey, Bon Jovi went on a well-deserved hiatus. While Sambora's 1991 debut solo album didn't enjoy the same commercial success as Jon Bon Jovi's Golden Globe-winning 1990 release Blaze of Glory, Stranger in this Town allowed him to return to his beloved blues roots. With his hero Clapton contributing a deft solo to "Mr. Bluesman," there was the implied sense that Sambora had achieved yet another lifelong ambition. A full seven years passed before Sambora issued his sophomore solo album, Undiscovered Soul. In the interim, Bon Jovi issued the successful studio albums Keep the Faith and These Days, and consolidated their global position with a world tour that visited 43 countries. Although 1998's Undiscovered Soul was considered to be a less strong set than his debut, most critics acknowledged that it was a more ambitious effort, showcasing a versatility of approach that found power ballads sitting next to arena rock material. The June 2007 release of Bon Jovi's country-influenced tenth album, Lost Highway, coincided with a difficult period in Sambora's personal life. Following the breakdown of his marriage with actress Heather Locklear, his father passed away, and this turn of events led to a period of alcohol dependency and rehab. Building on the eclecticism of Undiscovered Soul, his third solo album -- 2012's Aftermath of the Lowdown -- found Sambora in determined mood when it eventually arrived. It was another opportunity for him to explore areas of music that Bon Jovi had neglected to visit, and included material that was comparable in style to artists as diverse as Coldplay and David Bowie. ~ James Wilkinson
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Richie Sambora

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Richie Sambora

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Richie Sambora

  1.   Song
  2.   Hard Times Come Easy
  3.   Made in America
  4.   Rosie
  5.   Rest in Peace
  6.   Stranger in This Town
  7.   Ballad of Youth
  8.   Learning How to Fly with a Broken Wing
  9.   Seven Years Gone
  10.   You Can Only Get So High
  11.   If God Was a Woman
  12.   Downside of Love
  13.   Mr. Bluesman
  14.   Church of Desire
  15.   Blood On The Ground
  16.   I'll Always Walk Beside You featuring Alicia Keys
  17.   Burn the Candle Down
  18.   World
  19.   Sugar Daddy
  20.   Weathering the Storm
  21.   Nowadays
  22.   Taking a Chance on the Wind
  23.   Undiscovered Soul
  24.   Who I Am
  25.   Harlem Rain
  26.   You're Not Alone
  27.   The Answer
  28.   One Light Burning
  29.   Cantique de Noel (O' Holy Night)
  30.   Every Road Leads Home to You
  31.   Long Way Around
  32.   In It for Love
  33.   Chained
  34.   I'll Always Walk Beside You
  35.   Father Time
  36.   Great Hall of Fame by C,C & C
  37.   River of Love
  38.   One Last Goodbye
  39.   Fallen from Graceland
  40.   All That Really Matters
  41.   Mister Sambo
  42.   You Never Really Know
  43.   Rest in Piece
  44.   O Come All Ye Faithful
  45.   I'm Wanted by Kel Spencer
  46.   Young Thugs: Ballad of Youth
  47.   Bad Medicine
  48.   We All Sleep Alone
  49.   Midnight Rider/Wanted Dead or Alive
  50.   I'll Be There for You
  51.   With a Little Help from My Friends
  52.   The Wind Cries Mary
  53.   Take Me On
  54.   Tatanà
  55.   Tatanà
  56.   Livin' on a Prayer
  57.   It's My Life
  58.   Wanted Dead or Alive
  59.   Livin' on a Prayer
  60.   It's My Life
  61.   Wanted Dead or Alive
  62.   City Blues
  63.   Burn That Candle Down
  64.   Medley
  65.   All the Really Matters
  66.   Gonna Rain
  67.   Come Saturday Night
  68.   Live Fast Love Hard Die Young
  69.   Law of the Jungle
  70.   Nobody
  71.   The Ones With Angels Eyes
  72.   The Power
  73.   I'll Play the Fool
  74.   Laura's Birthday
  75.   Southern Belle
  76.   Dont Stop Lovin Me Now
  77.   Ava's Eyes

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