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Rick Astley

Wielding a rich, deep voice, Rick Astley became an overnight sensation in the late '80s with his well-crafted dance-pop. Astley was discovered by producer Pete Waterman in 1985, when the Merseyside native was singing in the English soul band FBI. After that, Waterman's production team -- Stock, Aitken & Waterman -- took Astley under their wing, writing and producing such impeccably crafted pop singles as "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Together Forever." After two hugely successful albums in the U.S. and the U.K., Astley grew tired of being labeled Stock, Aitken & Waterman's "puppet" and severed his connections with the team; he resurfaced in 1991 with the soul-injected Free, which contained the Top Ten hit "Cry for Help." Free didn't fare as well as its two predecessors, however, and the follow-up effort, Body & Soul, was an outright flop. Astley retired from music for a time, only to return in the 2000s with several new releases, including 2005's Portrait. He also became the subject of "Rickrolling," an Internet phenomenon involving the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" and a series of bait and switch tactics. During the 2010s, Astley remained in the public eye via touring and with a stint as a DJ for London's Magic FM, but didn't release any new music until 2016's 50, which was named after and inspired by the singer's milestone birthday. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Rick Astley

  1.   Song
  2.   Never Gonna Give You Up
  3.   Together Forever
  4.   It Would Take a Strong Strong Man
  5.   She Wants to Dance with Me
  6.   Whenever You Need Somebody
  7.   Cry for Help
  8.   Angels on My Side
  9.   Take Me to Your Heart
  10.   No More Looking for Love
  11.   I'll Never Let You Down
  12.   The Ones You Love
  13.   I Can't Help Falling in Love (With You)
  14.   I'll Never Set You Free
  15.   In the Name of Love
  16.   Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  17.   Hopelessly
  18.   Enough Love
  19.   Dance
  20.   Let It Be Tonight
  21.   Coming Home Tonight
  22.   Pray with Me
  23.   Let It Rain
  24.   Somebody Loves Me
  25.   I Like the Sun
  26.   Pieces
  27.   This Old House
  28.   Wish Away
  29.   Keep Singing
  30.   Make It Easy on Yourself
  31.   Where Do I Begin?
  32.   Let's Go Out Tonight
  33.   Romeo Loves Juliet
  34.   Keep It Turned On
  35.   Sleeping
  36.   When You Gonna
  37.   Move Right Out
  38.   Behind the Smile
  39.   The Bottom Line
  40.   Never Knew Love
  41.   This Must Be Heaven
  42.   Really Got a Problem
  43.   You Move Me
  44.   Don't Say Goodbye
  45.   Hold Me in Your Arms
  46.   Dial My Number
  47.   Till Then (Time Stands Still)
  48.   Giving Up on Love
  49.   When I Fall in Love
  50.   My Arms Keep Missing You
  51.   Everytime
  52.   Remember the Days
  53.   Wonderful You
  54.   Body and Soul
  55.   Somewhere
  56.   You Belong to Me
  57.   Nature Boy
  58.   These Foolish Things
  59.   And I Love You So
  60.   Some Kinda Love
  61.   I'll Be Fine
  62.   Miracle
  63.   Full of You
  64.   One Night Stand
  65.   Breathe
  66.   Be With You
  67.   Slipping Away
  68.   The Love Has Gone
  69.   I Don't Want to Be Your Lover
  70.   When You Love Someone
  71.   Cry Me a River
  72.   Portrait of My Love
  73.   Don't Ask
  74.   Wanna Believe You
  75.   Is This Really Love?
  76.   Ain't Too Proud to Beg/Put Yourself in My Place
  77.   I Don't Want to Lose Her
  78.   A Dream for Us
  79.   What You See Is What You Don't Get
  80.   Waiting for the Bell to Ring
  81.   What the World Needs Now
  82.   Close to You
  83.   Nature's Gift
  84.   Just Good Friends
  85.   Vincent