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An international pop star -- despite label problems that halted her career's momentum several times -- Sweden's Robyn blends the gritty sound of American R&B with the sunny pop of her homeland. Robyn's first global hit was 1997's Do You Know (What It Takes), which hit the Top Ten around the world, including the U.S. Born Robyn Carlsson in Stockholm in 1979, she traveled around the Continent with her parents' traveling theater group, also listening to classic American soul on the hi-fi. She wrote her first song at the age of 11 about her parents' divorce; at 12, she recorded the theme for the Swedish television show Lilla Sportspegeln. Her big break came at 13, however, when the pop star Meja held a workshop at Robyn's school and heard her sing her song about her parents. In 1994, Meja got her a record contract with Sweden's Ricochet Records, which released her debut single, You've Got That Somethin' and the hit Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect). Though she was still only 16, Robyn began recording her debut album in 1995 with producers Max Martin and Denniz Pop and co-songwriters Ulf Lindström and Johan Ekhé. The results, Robyn Is Here, quickly topped the Swedish charts. When the album was released in the U.S. almost a year and a half later, the single Do You Know (What It Takes) hit the Top Ten, as did Show Me Love. She was set to support the Backstreet Boys on their 1997 tour, but she had to pull out of the shows due to exhaustion. In 1998 Robyn began work on her second album, My Truth, which was released the following year in Europe, where Electric was a smash hit single. However, Robyn's U.S. label didn't feel that America would respond to My Truth as it was, and suggested that she re-record parts of the album. She refused, and the album was not released in the States. Robyn also became a UNICEF ambassador in 1999 and traveled the world for two years. She returned to music by contributing "Say You'll Walk the Distance" to the On the Line soundtrack, and moved from RCA to Jive for her 2002 album, Don't Stop the Music, which ended up being a Swedish-only release; only the album's singles were released in Europe. Despite the album's limited release, other artists covered songs from it, including Beverley Knight, who released a version of "Keep This Fire Burning." Disheartened by her continuing label troubles, Robyn returned to Stockholm in 2003, where she heard the Knife's debut album, Deep Cuts. She was so impressed by the duo's experimental, futuristic synth pop that she collaborated with them on her next single, Who's That Girl. However, her label didn't like the track and instead released 2004's Robyn's Best in the U.S. and another compilation in Sweden. Robyn bought herself out of the rest of her contract, formed her own label, Konichiwa, in 2005, and collaborated with the Knife, the Teddybears STHLM's Klas Åhlund, and Alexander Kronlund. The single Be Mine and her self-titled fourth album arrived later that year and earned several Swedish Grammys, including Best Album, Best Female Pop Artist, and Best Songwriter (which she shared with Åhlund). Robyn continued to gain momentum in 2006, appearing on Basement Jaxx's Crazy Itch Radio and releasing the Rakamonie EP, a collection of covers and alternate takes. Robyn was released in the U.K. in 2007, as was the single Konichiwa Bitches. The ballad "With Every Heartbeat" really reestablished Robyn in the U.K., reaching number one on the singles chart that summer. Rakamonie was finally released in the U.S. in early 2008, and Robyn was scheduled for a U.S. release that spring. She began working on new material that year, choosing Diplo, Klas Åhlund, and Röyksopp as some of her collaborators. Early in 2010, the single Fembot arrived, along with the news that Robyn would release not one album that year but two short ones, beginning with Body Talk, Pt. 1, which was released that June. Three months later, Body Talk, Pt. 2, which featured the single "Hang with Me" and a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, arrived. In November 2010, Body Talk, which compiled tracks from the previous mini-albums plus new songs, appeared. After spending a couple of years touring with acts including Katy Perry and Coldplay, and collaborating with the Lonely Island and Snoop Dogg, Robyn returned with new material in 2014. A collaboration with longtime friends Röyksopp, the Do It Again mini-album blended the best elements of both parties' music. More collaborations followed in 2015, including appearances on releases by Neneh Cherry (Blank Project) and Kindness (Otherness). Love Is Free, a dance-oriented EP with La Bagatelle Magique (aka keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt and producer Christian Falk) arrived in August 2015, a year after Falk's death from pancreatic cancer. ~ Heather Phares & John Bush
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dancing On My Own
  3.   Call Your Girlfriend
  4.   Indestructible
  5.   Show Me Love
  6.   With Every Heartbeat
  7.   Do You Know (What It Takes)
  8.   Criminal Intent
  9.   Hang With Me
  10.   Cobrastyle
  11.   Should Have Known
  12.   Dancehall Queen
  13.   U Should Know Better
  14.   Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do
  15.   Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)
  16.   Be Mine!
  17.   Fembot
  18.   Konichiwa Bitches
  19.   Dream On
  20.   Robyn Is Here
  21.   Crash and Burn Girl
  22.   My Truth
  23.   Play
  24.   Any Time You Like
  25.   Robotboy
  26.   Time Machine
  27.   In My Heart
  28.   Got to Work It Out by La Bagatelle Magique
  29.   Lose Control
  30.   Love Is Free
  31.   Monument
  32.   Tell You (Today)
  33.   A Monument To Everything featuring Busiswa
  34.   Where Did Our Love Go
  35.   Stars 4-Ever
  36.   Get Myself Together
  37.   We Dance to the Beat
  38.   Love Kills
  39.   In My Eyes
  40.   Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa
  41.   With Every Heartbeatc, Live at the Cherrytree House]
  42.   Konichiwa B***hes
  43.   Who's That Girl
  44.   Handle Me
  45.   Bum Like You
  46.   Curriculum Vitae
  47.   Bionic Woman
  48.   Still Your Girl/Regntunga Skyar
  49.   Ain't No Thing
  50.   Breakdown Intermission
  51.   Moonlight
  52.   Keep This Fire Burning
  53.   Universal Woman
  54.   88 Days
  55.   Giving You Back
  56.   Healthy Love
  57.   Main Thing
  58.   Electric
  59.   I Wish
  60.   Don't Want You Back
  61.   Just Another Girlfriend
  62.   The Last Time
  63.   You've Got That Somethin'
  64.   Bumpy Ride
  65.   Regntunga Skyar
  66.   Include Me Out
  67.   None of Dem
  68.   Eclipse
  69.   Psycho
  70.   Big City
  71.   Blow My Mind
  72.   O Baby
  73.   Not on the Inside
  74.   How
  75.   Here We Go
  76.   My Only Reason
  77.   Underneath the Heart
  78.   Monday Morning
  79.   Set Me Free
  80.   Long Gone
  81.   Cry When You Get Older