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Roger Eno

Lesser known than his famous older brother Brian, Roger Eno has carved his own niche in ambient music, breaking away from his original piano work to incorporate chamber music, string arrangements, and his own vocals, while exploring traditional British music. Eno grew up in Suffolk, England, and attended Colchester Institute to study music theory with a focus on the euphonium. After graduating, he busied himself with numerous jobs until landing employment as a music therapist in a local hospital in the early '80s. In 1983, Brian Eno invited him to Canada where he and Daniel Lanois were working on what would be the Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks album. Roger worked with the two, creating simple melodies on piano and synth, including "Always Returning." The success of the soundtrack earned Roger Eno a contract with EG Records, and Brian produced his first release, Voices, a collection of simple piano pieces in the style of Debussy and Satie to whom he is usually compared. After one more collaboration with his brother on the Dune soundtrack, the two have rarely worked together, and Roger has staked out a career on his own. Three years later, his second album, Between Tides, appeared, showing that Eno was already broadening his palette with lush string arrangements. In 1992, Eno teamed up with former Dream Academy member and labelmate Kate St. John on The Familiar, and four years later joined her in the ambient "supergroup" Channel Light Vessel, along with Bill Nelson and Laraaji. Swimming, from 1996, added all sorts of stringed instruments to the mix, including surf guitar and banjo. He has also written music for several films, including Nine and a Half Weeks, Opera, and Warm Summer Rain, as well as scoring a popular series of 1993 Guinness commercials. Released in 2000, Appointed Hour, a unique collaboration with Peter Hammill, was another significant recording. He followed this with a double disc of mostly minimal ambient pieces entitled The Long Walk on La Cooka Ratcha in early 2001. Eno found an elliptical book of organ pieces written between 1952 and 1972 by the late German composer Hans Friedrich Micheelsen in a second-hand bookshop. The pieces were odd because they revealed no organ stops. He began to practice them on a Disklavier grand piano. Brother Brian heard some of these piece and suggested he record them using some of the piano's odder MIDI effects. This resulted in 18 Keyboard Studies by Hans Friedrich Micheelsen in 2002, produced by Brian. Later that year, Roger also began an association with the on-demand CD-R label Burning Shed, resulting in his first collaboration with them, Getting Warmer, in 2002, followed by Fragile (2005) and Anatomy (2008). In between these releases he issued the acclaimed At Lincoln Cathedral in 2005. He also recorded albums with Plumbline (Will Thomas of Dive Index) for the Hydrogen Dukebox label, starting with 2005's Transparencies and continuing with 2013's Endless City/Concrete Garden. Also in 2013, All Saints issued Eno's double-CD anthology Little Things Left Behind: 1988-1998. Eno played piano on two tracks from David Gilmour's 2015 solo album, Rattle That Lock. This Floating World, and his first solo work since 2008 was issued by Sean McCann's Recital label in 2017. ~ Ted Mills & Thom Jurek
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Roger Eno

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  2.   A Place in the Wilderness
  3.   A Paler Sky
  4.   Evening Paragraphs
  5.   Sky Becomes a Reprise
  6.   At the Water's Edge
  7.   Ventis Secundis
  8.   Autumn
  9.   Almost Dark
  10.   The Whole Wide World
  11.   Sky Becomes a Loop
  12.   Mariachi Funeral (Pennies On A Dead Man's Eyes)
  13.   Hip Hop Flipperty Flop
  14.   Gerrard St. 415
  15.   Emberdays
  16.   To Tread by Peter Hammill
  17.   In by Peter Hammill
  18.   Quando Solus
  19.   Occam's Close Shave
  20.   Dust at Dawn (The Last Cowboy in the West)
  21.   Rain Stopped Play
  22.   Fear by Peter Hammill
  23.   Fools by Peter Hammill
  24.   Burst
  25.   Fleeting Smile
  26.   The Frost
  27.   Ne Cede Melia
  28.   Coming Up for Air
  29.   Slow and Slender
  30.   Recalling Winter
  31.   To Know by Peter Hammill
  32.   In Water
  33.   Between Tides
  34.   The Last Resort
  35.   Field of Gold
  36.   Winter Music
  37.   Docet Umbra
  38.   Lose That Skin
  39.   Newton's Statue
  40.   Somewhere Above
  41.   Code
  42.   So How by Peter Hammill
  43.   Little Things Left Behind
  44.   Where by Peter Hammill
  45.   But by Peter Hammill
  46.   Walsingham
  47.   Fall by Peter Hammill
  48.   Rush In by Peter Hammill
  49.   While the City Sleeps
  50.   The Black Cat
  51.   Through the Blue
  52.   Are They by Peter Hammill
  53.   Quixote
  54.   Green Grass
  55.   The Flatlands
  56.   Angels by Peter Hammill
  57.   The Third Light
  58.   The Day After
  59.   Something Orange
  60.   Open by Peter Hammill
  61.   My Little Darling
  62.   Kinky Ink
  63.   How You Shone
  64.   Grey Promenade
  65.   Fool Rush by Peter Hammill
  66.   Damage
  67.   The Parting Glass
  68.   Your Heart by Peter Hammill
  69.   Never by Peter Hammill
  70.   Sunburst
  71.   Ringinglow
  72.   Aryis
  73.   Room Without Lights
  74.   Lost In Translation
  75.   In Love by Peter Hammill
  76.   Blue Kind of Drug
  77.   Turning
  78.   Wise Men by Peter Hammill
  79.   The Hunch
  80.   The Old Dance
  81.   Amukidi
  82.   Elevation
  83.   Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be
  84.   One Gull
  85.   Domus in Nebulae
  86.   Prelude for St. Joan
  87.   Mr Johnson Watches The Sky
  88.   Voices
  89.   Days Like This
  90.   The Whispering Gallery
  91.   And Let This by Peter Hammill
  92.   Up by Peter Hammill
  93.   Reflections on I.K.B.
  94.   Evening Tango
  95.   Palimpsest
  96.   The Slow River
  97.   The Silent Hours