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Ronnie Montrose


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Guitarist Ronnie Montrose began his career as a backing musician, playing with Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, and Edgar Winter. He finally formed his own band in 1973. Named after the guitarist, Montrose also featured vocalist Sammy Hagar, bassist Bill Church, and drummer Denny Carmassi; they released their debut album in 1974, and Church was replaced by Alan Fitzgerald shortly after its release. Released the following year, Paper Money confirmed the band's status as one of the more popular hard rock acts of their era. However, Hagar was fired after completing the Paper Money tour. Bob James replaced him and keyboardist Jim Alcivar joined the band, yet Montrose's next two albums -- 1975's Warner Brothers Presents Montrose and 1976's Jump on It -- were commercial failures. Ronnie Montrose broke up the band after the release of Jump on It and began his own solo career with the all-instrumental Open Fire (1978). Montrose then formed another hard rock group, Gamma, which recorded three albums between 1979 and 1982. After they broke up in 1982, Montrose picked his solo career once again. He released a rather low-key album, Territory, in 1983, following it four years later in 1987 with the hard-rocking and impressive Mean (attributing it to Gamma). The Speed of Sound appeared in 1988, with The Diva Station, a semi-instrumental mesh of soul, pop, metal, and jazz, arriving in 1990. Montrose began putting more of his time into production work, but continued to release solo albums, including Mutatis Mutandis (1991), Music from Here (1994), Mr. Bones (1996), Roll Over and Play Live (1999), and Bearings (1999), before reuniting Gamma for a fourth Gamma album in 2000. Montrose continued his production and session work, and would tour regularly over the last dozen years of his life, despite battling prostate cancer during the late 2000s. A self-inflicted gun shot ended his life on March 3, 2012. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Steve Leggett
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Ronnie Montrose

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Ronnie Montrose

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Ronnie Montrose

  1.   Song
  2.   Primary Function
  3.   Twenty Flight Rock
  4.   The Map Is Not The Road
  5.   Largemouth
  6.   Sidewinder
  7.   Life After Life
  8.   Lunarization
  9.   Mr. Walker
  10.   Specialist
  11.   Openers
  12.   The Whole Truth
  13.   All Aboard
  14.   My Little Mystery
  15.   Indigo Spheres
  16.   Soul Repair
  17.   This Is Only A Test
  18.   Morning
  19.   Breathe Deep
  20.   Clown Woman
  21.   Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2
  22.   No Beginning/No End
  23.   Wish in One Hand
  24.   Jungle Boy
  25.   Seven Men Riding
  26.   Lighthouse
  27.   Line Of Reason
  28.   Solid Ground
  29.   Rocky Road
  30.   Town Without Pity
  31.   Braindance
  32.   Open Fire
  33.   Fear Not
  34.   Dancin' Feet
  35.   Forever Is Now
  36.   Walk Softly
  37.   All I Need
  38.   Cold Film
  39.   Road to Reason
  40.   Three Wishes
  41.   Leo Rising
  42.   Greenthing
  43.   She's Watching
  44.   Feet First
  45.   Fear Not Indigo Spheres
  46.   Manifesto
  47.   Bones Is Bones
  48.   Who's Out There?
  49.   Don't Think Play
  50.   The Village
  51.   In This World
  52.   The First Thing
  53.   Dry Moat
  54.   The Valley
  55.   By the Way
  56.   Red to Blue
  57.   Shadow Monster
  58.   Mausoleum
  59.   Icy Lake
  60.   The Last Word
  61.   Blood Alley 152
  62.   Mandolinia
  63.   [Untitled Track]
  64.   Heads Up
  65.   Night of the Guitars
  66.   Mutatis Mutandis
  67.   Right Saddle Wrong Horse
  68.   Heavy Agenda
  69.   Greed Kills
  70.   Mercury
  71.   Zero Tolerance
  72.   Velox
  73.   Company Policy
  74.   The Nomad
  75.   Tonga
  76.   Sorcerer
  77.   The Diva Station
  78.   Weirding Way
  79.   New Kid in Town
  80.   Choke Canyon
  81.   Little Demons
  82.   Stay With Me
  83.   Quid Pro Quo
  84.   High and Dry
  85.   Solitare
  86.   Born to Ski
  87.   Madolinia
  88.   Head Up
  89.   Mandolina
  90.   Don't Damage the Rock
  91.   Game of Love