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California rock band Rooney emerged in 2002, making their live debut warming up for Phantom Planet, a more experienced L.A.-based group who shared similar classic pop influences (E.L.O., the Beach Boys) along with a family member. The younger brother of actor and former Phantom Planet drummer Jason Schwartzman, Rooney maestro Robert Schwartzman was also a son of Hollywood who had dabbled in acting, but by the early 2000s had turned his full attention to crafting pleasantly retro guitar pop. By the year's end, Schwartzman and his bandmates Taylor Locke (guitar), Matthew Winter (bass), Louie Stephens (keyboards), and Ned Brower (drums), had inked a major-label deal with Geffen/Interscope. Although Rooney had flirted with enlisting Ric Ocasek to produce, they eventually opted to rehire Keith Forsey, the producer responsible for the the strong batch of demos that had gotten them signed in the first place. Rooney's sunny, self-titled debut arrived in 2003 and its sales spiked considerably the following year when the band appeared on Fox's popular teen drama The O.C. (the first in a long line of bands to do so). Later that year, the concert DVD Spit and Sweat was released, highlighting the group's transformation from teenage musicians into a road-seasoned outfit. Rooney began recording their follow-up later that year with producer Tony Hoffer, but the album was eventually scrapped despite several songs being posted on the band's MySpace page. A second attempt to record their sophomore album was made in fall 2005, this time with Howard Benson in the producer's seat. Although it was slated for a 2006 release, this version too was scrapped as friction between the band and its label increased. Following a 2006 tour with Kelly Clarkson, Rooney returned to the studio with producer John Fields for a third -- and successful -- attempt at recording their second album. The slightly darker, but no less catchy Calling the World was released in summer 2007 and debuted on the Billboard charts at number 42. By this point, though, the band's relationship with Geffen had suffered too much damage and Rooney eventually left the label's roster in 2009. That same year, the band celebrated their independent status by self-releasing an EP, Wild One, and launching a brief tour. They didn't remain independent for long, though, eventually partnering with Warner Bros. for the release of their third full-length album, the self-produced Eureka, in June 2010. Although bassist Matt Winter played on the record, he left the band's lineup several months before its release, with Brandon Schwartzel climbing aboard in his place. By the end of 2011, support for the record had mostly ceased and Rooney essentially entered into a lengthy hiatus. Schwartzman remained busy with a number of projects including two solo records and a pair of film scores. Following years of silence regarding his band's fate, Schwartzman revealed in early 2016 that he had completed a new Rooney album entirely on his own. Released in May 2016, Washed Away was the fourth LP under the Rooney banner and was supported on the road by a completely retooled lineup. ~ Timothy Monger & Andrew Leahey
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  2.   Merry Xmas Everybody
  3.   I'm Shakin'
  4.   When Did Your Heart Go Missing?
  5.   Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  6.   My Heart Beats 4 U
  7.   Blueside
  8.   I Miss You When You're Gone
  9.   The Floor
  10.   Stay Away
  11.   Time Alone
  12.   Why by Soko
  13.   Go On
  14.   Tell Me Soon
  15.   Simply Because
  16.   All the Beautiful People
  17.   Make Some Noise
  18.   If It Were Up to Me
  19.   Sad But True
  20.   You're All I Ever Need
  21.   Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
  22.   Come On Baby
  23.   Do You Have to Go?
  24.   Washed Away
  25.   Don't Be a Hero
  26.   You Got It
  27.   You're What I'm Looking For
  28.   The Hunch
  29.   Stars and Stripes
  30.   Only Friend
  31.   Not in My House
  32.   Into the Blue
  33.   I Don't Wanna Lose You
  34.   I Can't Get Enough
  35.   Holdin' On
  36.   Don't Look at Me
  37.   All or Nothing
  38.   Don't Come Around Again
  39.   All in Your Head
  40.   What For
  41.   Paralyzed
  42.   Love Me or Leave Me
  43.   Are You Afraid?
  44.   I Believe in Me
  45.   I Should've Been After You
  46.   Calling the World
  47.   Help Me Find My Way
  48.   I'm a Terrible Person
  49.   Popstars
  50.   Daisy Duke
  51.   Sorry Sorry
  52.   Losing All Control
  53.   That Girl Has Love
  54.   Merry Christmas Everybody
  55.   Metal Guru
  56.   Death on Two Legs
  57.   Believe in Me
  58.   Get Away
  59.   When Did Your Heart Go
  60.   Theme From 'Iron Man Armored Adventures'
  61.   In My Pocket
  62.   Pity
  63.   Can't Put Your Heart Around Everyone
  64.   Terrible Person
  65.   Shakin
  66.   Sad But True

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