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Rusted Root

Multi-instrumentalist group Rusted Root integrate the Grateful Dead's jam-heavy rock with percussion influences based on the music of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. The six-piece formed in Pittsburgh in 1990 with Michael Glabicki (vocals, guitar), Liz Berlin (vocals, percussion), Patrick Norman (bass, vocals), and Jim Donovan (drums, percussion) as the initial lineup, though John Buynak (percussion, winds) and Jim DiSpirito (percussion) joined later that year. In 1992, Rusted Root released its debut independent album Cruel Sun. However, it was the band's 1994 sophomore album, When I Woke, that garnered the band national attention. With support from college radio and a good buzz from the band's entrancing live show, When I Woke became quite successful in alternative circles during 1995-1996, especially with singles such as "Send Me on My Way" and "Ecstasy." In mid-1996, Rusted Root released the Evil Ways EP, a compilation of live tracks with the band's contributions to the movies Twister and Home for the Holidays. The group's second album, Remember, followed in October. Produced by Jerry Harrison, it reached the Top 40 in its first week of release. A self-titled LP followed in 1998. After some time off, Rusted Root returned with Welcome to My Party in 2002 before leaving the world of major labels behind and releasing the 2004 album Rusted Root Live on their own indie imprint, Touchy Pegg. Breaking the seven-year wait for a new studio album, Stereo Rodeo landed in 2009. Following near constant touring for a couple of years, the band went into their studio and emerged with Movement in 2012.~ John Bush
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Rusted Root

Top Songs by
Rusted Root

  1.   Song
  2.   Send Me on My Way
  3.   Ecstasy
  4.   Back to the Earth
  5.   Rain
  6.   Cruel Sun
  7.   Blue Diamonds
  8.   Cat Turned Blue
  9.   Women Got My Money
  10.   Food & Creative Love
  11.   Weave
  12.   Heaven
  13.   Artificial Winter
  14.   Voodoo
  15.   Welcome to My Party
  16.   Hands Are Law
  17.   Too Much
  18.   Scattered
  19.   Marty
  20.   Sister Contine
  21.   Circle of Remembrance
  22.   Baby Will Raam
  23.   Fortunate Freaks
  24.   Dance in the Middle
  25.   Beatiful People
  26.   Drum Trip
  27.   Faith I Do Believe
  28.   Rusted Root
  29.   Something's on My Mind
  30.   Up and All Around
  31.   Sun and Magic
  32.   Fossil Man
  33.   In Our Sun
  34.   The Movement
  35.   Cover Me Up
  36.   Monkey Pants
  37.   Crucible Glow
  38.   Garbage Man
  39.   Stereo Rodeo
  40.   Driving One
  41.   Give Grace
  42.   Bad Son
  43.   Weary Bones
  44.   Suspicious Minds
  45.   People of My Village
  46.   Cry
  47.   Sweet Mary
  48.   Union 7
  49.   Ecstacy
  50.   Laugh as the Sun
  51.   Lost in a Crowd
  52.   You Can't Always Get What You Want
  53.   Virtual Reality
  54.   Infinite Space
  55.   Dangle
  56.   Silver-N-Gold
  57.   Bullets in the Fire
  58.   Who Do You Tell It To
  59.   River in a Cage
  60.   Evil Ways
  61.   Big White Bird
  62.   She Roll Me Up
  63.   Rising Sun
  64.   Magenta Radio
  65.   My Love
  66.   Live a Long Time
  67.   Kill You Dead
  68.   Airplane
  69.   Agbadza
  70.   Moon
  71.   Away From
  72.   Flower
  73.   Animals Love Touch
  74.   Driving Two
  75.   Infinite Tamboura

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