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Ryan Bingham

Americana singer/songwriter Ryan Bingham was raised in rural Texas, where years of hardscrabble ranch work and rodeo competitions would later lend a sense of authenticity to his music. Living alone since his mid-teens, Bingham shuttled back and forth between Southwestern border towns and relatives' homes, often sleeping in his truck after rodeo shows. It was during those treks that he began entertaining friends with the guitar, an instrument he'd learned at the age of 17 from a mariachi neighbor. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan, Marshall Tucker, and Bob Wills -- all of whom populated the jukebox of The Halfway Bar, a roadhouse owned by Bingham's uncle (whose musical tastes influenced those of his nephew) -- Bingham fashioned a road-weary sound that piqued the interest of a barroom proprietor in Stephenville, TX. Bingham was offered a weekly residency at the bar; soon after, he began issuing self-released albums like Lost Bound Rails and Wishbone Saloon. The material was brought to the attention of Nashville heavyweights Lost Highway Records, who signed Bingham and issued his major-label debut, Mescalito (featuring production by Marc Ford, former guitarist for the Black Crowes), in October 2007. Mescalito was well received by critics, with Rolling Stone aptly comparing Bingham's raw, scratchy voice to that of "Steve Earle's dad." After supporting the album with ample tour dates, the songwriter reprised his relationship with Marc Ford, who produced 2009's Roadhouse Sun. Later that year, he joined another music veteran -- producer/songwriter T-Bone Burnett -- in contributing music to the film Crazy Heart. Revolving around the the attempted comeback of a down-and-out country singer, Crazy Heart became one of the year's highest-praised films and won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for "The Weary Kind," one of Bingham's original compositions written with T-Bone Burnett, the soundtrack's musical director and producer. Bingham and his band the Dead Horses followed it with the album Junky Star in September of 2010, produced by Burnett. Bingham left Lost Highway after three albums and released 2012's Tomorrowland, recorded in Malibu, CA and co-produced by Bingham and Justin Stanley, on Bingham' s own newly created Axster Bingham Records imprint. ~ Andrew Leahey
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Ryan Bingham

  1.   Song
  2.   Bread and Water
  3.   Southside of Heaven
  4.   Depression by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  5.   The Weary Kind
  6.   Country Roads
  7.   Hallelujah by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  8.   Hard Times
  9.   The Poet by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  10.   Day Is Done
  11.   Dollar a Day
  12.   I Don't Know
  13.   Lay My Head on the Rail by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  14.   Junky Star by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  15.   Tell My Mother I Miss Her So
  16.   Rollin Highway Blues
  17.   Bluebird
  18.   All Choked Up Again by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  19.   The Road I'm On
  20.   Broken Heart Tattoos
  21.   Fear and Saturday Night
  22.   Hard Worn Trail
  23.   Strange Feelin' in the Air
  24.   All Choked Up Again
  25.   Cryin on the Streets of LA
  26.   Hallelujah
  27.   Top Shelf Drug
  28.   Boracho Station
  29.   Junky Star
  30.   Dylan's Hard Rain
  31.   Sunshine
  32.   Sunrise
  33.   Radio
  34.   Island in the Sky
  35.   Nobody Knows My Trouble
  36.   Yesterday's Blues
  37.   The Poet
  38.   Direction of the Wind by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  39.   My Diamond Is Too Rough
  40.   Ever Wonder Why
  41.   Darlin
  42.   Adventures of You and Me
  43.   Hey Hey Hurray by Johnny Q Public
  44.   Too Deep to Fill
  45.   Never Far Behind
  46.   Heart of Rhythm
  47.   Yesterday's Blues by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  48.   The Wandering by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  49.   Strange Feelin' in the Air by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  50.   Self-Righteous Wall by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  51.   Hey Hey Hurray
  52.   Endless Ways
  53.   For What It's Worth
  54.   The Other Side
  55.   Long Way from Georgia
  56.   Ghost of Travelin' Jones
  57.   Don't Wait for Me
  58.   Gun Fightin Man
  59.   Hands of Time
  60.   Snow Falls in June
  61.   You Are Blind (with Dialog)
  62.   Neverending Show
  63.   Keep It Together
  64.   Guess Who's Knocking
  65.   Flower Bomb
  66.   Western Shore
  67.   Beg for Broken Legs
  68.   The Wandering
  69.   Self-Righteous Wall
  70.   Lay My Head on the Rail
  71.   Hard Worn Trail by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  72.   Wishing Well
  73.   Snake Eyes
  74.   Roadhouse Blues
  75.   Change Is
  76.   Take It Easy Mama
  77.   Best of Me
  78.   I Heard 'Em Say
  79.   Lonesome Valley
  80.   Rising of the Ghetto
  81.   Depression
  82.   Direction of the Wind
  83.   Until I'm One With You
  84.   No Help from God
  85.   Hey Hey Hurry by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
  86.   Making of Mescalito
  87.   Rollin Highway by Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses