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Norwegian black metal trio Satyricon are led by Satyr, drummer Frost, and keyboardist Kine. Their early recordings include a demo split with Enslaved titled The Forest Is My Throne, the 1994 album Dark Medieval Times, and its 1995 follow-up, Shadowthrone. Released in 1997, Nemesis Divina was their first album to see release in the U.S.; it was followed by an EP of mostly alternate versions (Megiddo) and one of new material (1999's Intermezzo II). The full-length Rebel Extravaganza appeared soon after, pushing their sound even farther into the realm of synth-flavored gothic black metal. The compilation Ten Horns: Ten Diadems appeared in 2002 to celebrate Satyricon's tenth anniversary together before marking their jump to the majors with their Capitol debut, Volcano. Satyricon's penchant for breaking out of confining stylistic boundaries continued on 2006's Now, Diabolical and 2008's Age of Nero. The band's eponymous 2013 eighth studio album was their first to top the official Norwegian Albums Chart, and in early 2017 they issued "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" the lead single from the highly anticipated, Napalm Records-issued full-length of the same name. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Now, Diabolical
  3.   Fuel for Hatred
  4.   That Darkness Shall Be Eternal
  5.   The Pentagram Burns
  6.   A New Enemy
  7.   Suffering the Tyrants
  8.   Black Crow On A Tombstone
  9.   Mother North
  10.   Commando
  11.   Die By My Hand
  12.   Walker Upon the Wind
  13.   Black Lava
  14.   Den Siste
  15.   The Sign of the Trident
  16.   The Ghost of Rome
  17.   Filthgrinder
  18.   Skyggedans
  19.   To Your Brethren in the Dark
  20.   K.I.N.G.
  21.   Angstridden
  22.   With Ravenous Hunger
  23.   Nemesis Divina
  24.   Midnight Serpent
  25.   Ageless Northern Spirit
  26.   Nekrohaven
  27.   Delirium
  28.   Black Winds
  29.   Taakeslottet
  30.   Vikingland
  31.   The Night of the Triumphator
  32.   Deep Calleth Upon Deep
  33.   Woods to Eternity
  34.   Rhapsody in Filth
  35.   My Skin Is Cold
  36.   Dissonant
  37.   Du Son Hater Gud
  38.   Den State
  39.   Burial Rite
  40.   Immortality Passion
  41.   Du Som Hater Gud
  42.   Black Wings and Withering Gloom
  43.   The Dark of a New Age
  44.   Our Wold, It Rumbles
  45.   The Infinity of Time and Space
  46.   Phoenix
  47.   Nocturnal Flare
  48.   Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  49.   Tro og Kraft
  50.   Voice of Shadows
  51.   Kathaarian Life Code
  52.   Rite of Our Cross
  53.   Live Through Me
  54.   The Wolfpack
  55.   Last Man Standing
  56.   To the Mountains
  57.   The Ride of Our Cross
  58.   The Forest Is My Throne
  59.   Repined Bastard Nation
  60.   The Dark Castle in the Deep Forest
  61.   Into the Mighty Forest
  62.   Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
  63.   The King of the Shadowthrone
  64.   Dominions of Satyricon
  65.   In the Mist by the Hills
  66.   Hvite Krists Død
  67.   Blessed from Below
  68.   The Scorn Torrent
  69.   Down South, Up North
  70.   Havoc Vulture
  71.   Tied in Bronze Chains
  72.   A Moment of Clarity
  73.   Prime Evil Renaissance
  74.   Mental Mercury
  75.   End of Journey
  76.   Natt
  77.   Supersonic Journey
  78.   Possessed
  79.   I en Svart Kiste
  80.   Transcendental Requiem of Slaves
  81.   Storm (Of the Destroyer)
  82.   Dark Medieval Times
  83.   Existential Fear-Questions
  84.   Blessed from Below: Melancholy/Oppression/Longing
  85.   Inri
  86.   Forhekset
  87.   The Conquering/The Dawn of a New Age
  88.   Blood Cracks Open the Ground
  89.   Dawn of a New Age
  90.   Walk the Path of Sorrow