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Although they formed in Oakland, CA, in 2002, the Saviours are a deliberate throwback to an earlier time and place, specifically Great Britain in the late '70s and early '80s. Deeply inspired by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as well as first-generation thrashers like Slayer and early Metallica, the Saviours formed out of the ashes of a minor East Bay thrash and screamo band named after the excellently monikered actor Yaphet Kotto. Singer and guitarist Austin Barber, guitarists Tyler Morris and Mag Delena, bassist Cyrus Comiskey, and drummer Scott Batiste signed with the indie label Level Plane and debuted with the 2005 EP Warship. Their first full-length album, Crucifire, arrived in the spring of 2006, followed in 2007 by a second EP, Cavern of Mind. Subsequent full-length outings include Into Abaddon (2008), Accelerated Living (2009), Death's Procession (2011), and Palace of Vision (2015). ~ Stewart Mason
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Mountain
  3.   Palace of Vision
  4.   Apocolypse World Split
  5.   Walk to the Light
  6.   Burnin' Cross
  7.   Cavern of Mind
  8.   Flesh of Fire
  9.   F.G.T.
  10.   Narcotic Sea
  11.   Circle of Servants Bodies
  12.   Crete'n
  13.   Eternal High
  14.   Earth's Possession & Death's Procession
  15.   The Rope of Carnal Knowledge
  16.   Firewake Angel
  17.   Acid Hand
  18.   Gods End
  19.   Burning Shrine
  20.   Devil's Crown
  21.   Mystichasm
  22.   The Seeker
  23.   Hell's Floor
  24.   Livin' in the Void
  25.   Earthen Dagger
  26.   Raging Embers
  27.   Into Abaddon
  28.   Cursed Night
  29.   To the Grave Possessed
  30.   Fire of Old
  31.   Slave to the Hex
  32.   The Eye Obscene
  33.   The Beast Remains
  34.   Innermountain Arthame
  35.   We Roam
  36.   Satanic Scriptures
  37.   Christ Hunt
  38.   Holy Slaughter
  39.   Crucifire
  40.   Rise to Pyramid Form
  41.   Exalter of Thorns
  42.   Call Them into Fire
  43.   Heathen Eye
  44.   Fireband
  45.   Etching
  46.   Raging Enbres
  47.   Inner Mountain Flame

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