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Scale the Summit

The origins of instrumental heavy metal group Scale the Summit date to 2004, when guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis LeVrier met as students at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute, then came into contact with fellow scholar and drummer Pat Skeffington, before completing their lineup with bassist Jordan Eberhardt several months later. Two years of rehearsal and sonic self-discovery followed until, at the end of 2006, all of the musicians relocated to Letchford's hometown of Houston, Texas and finished sculpting their exceptionally technical brand of "adventure metal," as they like to call it, for release on a self-financed debut album, immodestly named Monument. Turns out their confidence was largely justified by the impressive amalgam of progressive exploration (think Cynic, Dream Theater, Kong) and sheer virtuosity (reminiscent of instrumental guitar heroes like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai), and it wasn't long before Scale the Summit were racking up accolades from some of the world's most respected heavy metal magazines. This also earned them a contract with L.A.'s Prosthetic Records, and a return to the studio for the recording of the group's eagerly anticipated sophomore album, Carving Desert Canyons, which was released at the start of 2009. The band returned in 2011 with its third album of technical guitar wizardry, The Collective, followed by The Migration (2013) and their aptly-named fifth studio outing, V (2015). ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Scale the Summit

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Scale the Summit

Top Songs by
Scale the Summit

  1.   Song
  2.   Sargasso sea
  3.   The Golden Bird
  4.   Giants
  5.   Bloom
  6.   The Great Plains
  7.   Dunes
  8.   The Winged Bull
  9.   Omni
  10.   Kestrel
  11.   Glacial Planet
  12.   The Isle of Mull
  13.   Willow
  14.   City In The Sky
  15.   Oort Cloud
  16.   Narrow Salient
  17.   The Levitated
  18.   Origin of Species
  19.   Rode in on Horseback
  20.   Penguins in Flight
  21.   Whales
  22.   Blue Sun
  23.   Secret Earth
  24.   The Olive Tree
  25.   Wolves
  26.   Age Of The Tide
  27.   The Traveler
  28.   Shaping the Clouds
  29.   Trapped in Ice
  30.   Soria Moria
  31.   Sabrosa
  32.   Pontus Euxinus
  33.   Emersion
  34.   Alpenglow
  35.   Odyssey
  36.   Crossing the Ocean
  37.   Atlas Novus
  38.   Redwoods
  39.   Colossal
  40.   Stolas
  41.   Evergreen
  42.   Holding Thunder
  43.   The Dark Horse
  44.   Balkan
  45.   Black Hills
  46.   Roof of the World
  47.   Gallows
  48.   Oracle

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