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School of Seven Bells

Ben Curtis fled Secret Machines in 2007 to focus on School of Seven Bells, an electronics-enhanced dream pop group formed with twin sister vocalists Claudia and Alejandra Deheza (also of On!Air!Library!). They debuted in 2007 on Sonic Cathedral with the 7" recording My Cabal, which featured a remix on the B-side from Robin Guthrie -- Guthrie's Cocteau Twins, as well as several of the artists the Cocteaus inspired, from My Bloody Valentine to Medicine, as well as Curve, being apparent touchstones. Two other releases were out before the end of the year: the Face to Face on High Places 7" (Radium) and The Class of 73 Bells (Warp), a four-track Prefuse 73 EP featuring the group's input. The group's activities the following year included Silent Grips, a 7" released on Suicide Squeeze, and that October's Alpinisms, released on Ghostly International. They released the bigger-sounding Disconnect from Desire in July 2010 through Ghostly and Vagrant. Claudia left the group three months later, and by the end of the following February, Ghostory -- the third School of Seven Bells album -- was out on Ghostly/Vagrant. Claudia has also recorded an album with Prefuse 73/Scott Herren, Singular (2006), as A Cloud Mireya. ~ Andy Kellman
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School of Seven Bells

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School of Seven Bells

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School of Seven Bells

  1.   Song
  2.   Half Asleep
  3.   The Night
  4.   Windstorm
  5.   Heart Is Strange
  6.   Lafaye
  7.   Secret Days
  8.   Chain
  9.   I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)
  10.   Face to Face on High Places
  11.   Wired for Light
  12.   Joviann
  13.   For Kalaja Mari
  14.   I L U
  15.   Dust Devil
  16.   Camarilla
  17.   s.Ada.Licht
  18.   Show Me Love
  19.   Connjur
  20.   Low Times
  21.   Trance Figure
  22.   Painting a Memory
  23.   Faded Heart
  24.   Put Your Sad Down
  25.   Reappear
  26.   Love From A Stone
  27.   Sempiternal/Aramanth
  28.   Sempiternal/Amaranth
  29.   Iamundernodisguise
  30.   Lovefingers
  31.   My Camarilla
  32.   Limb by Limb
  33.   Unnature
  34.   When She Was Me
  35.   Kiss Them For Me
  36.   When You Sing
  37.   White Wind
  38.   Scavenger
  39.   Love Play
  40.   Crescent Gold
  41.   Caldo
  42.   White Elephant Coat
  43.   Prince of Peace
  44.   My Cabal
  45.   If I Had Glass Hands and Glass Feet
  46.   The Wait
  47.   Bye Bye Bye
  48.   Dial
  49.   Babelonia
  50.   Sempiternal
  51.   [Untitled]
  52.   [Untitled]
  53.   Device (Fuer M)
  54.   Midnight Sun

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