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Bon Scott

Best remembered as the original frontman of the legendary hard rock band AC/DC, singer Bon Scott was born Ronald Belford Scott in Kirriemuir, Scotland on July 9, 1946. As a child he began performing in his father's pipe band, and following the family's relocation to Australia in 1952 he quit school at age 15, later playing in a local rock outfit called the Spektors. By 1967, Scott had joined the Melbourne-based group the Valentines, making his recorded debut with the single "Everyday I Have to Cry"; the band soon emerged as one of the most popular on the Aussie circuit, in mid-1969 issuing an EP, My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man. A drug bust destroyed the Valentines' public image, however, and after cracking the national Top 30 with their 1970 single "Juliette," the band dissolved; Scott soon joined the Sydney blues-rock unit Fraternity, issuing the LP Livestock in 1971. Flaming Galah followed a year later; in 1973, however, Scott was involved in a motorcycle accident which left him comatose for several months, during which time Fraternity disbanded. After recovering, he worked a series of odd jobs before recording a demo as a member of the short-lived Mount Lofty Rangers; finally, in 1974, Scott joined AC/DC, recording the group's debut LP High Voltage a year later. AC/DC's ascent to international stardom culminated in 1979 when their LP Highway to Hell reached the U.S. Top 20; however, on February 19, 1980 Scott died in the wake of an all-night drinking binge, with the surviving members of the band tapping new vocalist Brian Johnson to record the classic Back in Black just a few months later. The 1997 AC/DC box set, Bonfire, celebrated Scott's contributions to their legacy. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Bon Scott

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Bon Scott

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Bon Scott

  1.   Song
  2.   It
  3.   Hemming's Farm
  4.   The Race, Pt. 2
  5.   Livestock
  6.   Cool Spot
  7.   Round And Round (1974)
  8.   On My Mind
  9.   The Race, Pt. 1
  10.   Round And Round And Round (1996)
  11.   Gloria
  12.   Round and Round and Round
  13.   Every Day I Have to Cry by The Valentines
  14.   Interview by Allan Mannings by Vince Lovegrove
  15.   Yesterday
  16.   Interview With David Day of 5ka
  17.   Getting Off
  18.   Sommerville R.I.P.
  19.   Welfare Boogie
  20.   Sooky Sooky
  21.   I Can Hear the Raindrops
  22.   To Know You Is to Love You
  23.   You Have a God
  24.   Jupiter's Landscapes
  25.   Seasons of Change
  26.   Grand Canyon Suites
  27.   I Can't Dance With You
  28.   On My Mind by Spektors
  29.   It Ain't Necessarily So
  30.   Annabelle
  31.   Peculiar Hole in the Sky
  32.   Gloria by Spektors
  33.   Carey Gully (1974)
  34.   Love Makes Sweet Music
  35.   Why Me by The Valentines
  36.   If You Got It by Fraternity
  37.   Raglan's Folly
  38.   Summerville
  39.   Carey Gully
  40.   The Race, Pts. 1- 2 by Fraternity
  41.   Why Did It Have to Be Me? by Fraternity
  42.   Question by Fraternity
  43.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  44.   The Shape I'm In by Fraternity
  45.   Canyon Suite by Fraternity
  46.   'Battle of the Sounds' Sequence: Seasons of Change/Award Announcement by Fraternity
  47.   Bon Scott Talks
  48.   Every Day You Have to Cry
  49.   Battle of the Sounds Sequence
  50.   Bon Scott Interview
  51.   The Race (Pts 1 & 2)
  52.   Interview by Allan Mannings Featuring Vince Lovegrove
  53.   She Said
  54.   Why Me
  55.   Getting Better
  56.   Nick Nack Paddy Wack
  57.   Interview With David Day
  58.   Ebenezer
  59.   Julliette
  60.   Hoochie Coochie Billy
  61.   Welfare Boogie
  62.   My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man
  63.   The Race (Part 1)
  64.   The Race (Part 2)
  65.   Sookie Sookie

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