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Coming on the tail end of the initial D.C. hardcore explosion, Scream formed in 1982 and signed to Dischord Records. That fall, the original lineup of the Stahl brothers, singer Peter, guitarist Franz and bassist Skeeter Thompson and drummer Kent Stax teamed with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara to produce the raucous Still Screaming. The original group went on to release This Side Up in 1985 and Banging the Drum in 1987. That year, Scream switched to Ras Records, a D.C. reggae label trying to expand into rock, and gave an 18-year-old drummer his first shot with a touring band. Dave Grohl's drumming and backup vocals can be heard on No More Censorship, released in 1988. Grohl began showcasing his writing talents on Fumble, recorded in 1989 and released posthumously in 1993. When the band went on indefinite hiatus in 1990, Grohl went off to Seattle to join then-underground Nirvana. Scream reunited, sans Grohl, to tour briefly in the early '90s. Franz Stahl joined Grohl in Foo Fighters from 1997-1999. ~ Ron DePasquale
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  1.   Song
  2.   Stopwatch
  3.   Elevate
  4.   Get Free
  5.   Demolition Dancing
  6.   Amerarockers
  7.   The Year Bald Headed Singers Where In
  8.   Fight/American Justice
  9.   Move (All Alone)
  10.   Jamin' at 606
  11.   Came Without Warning
  12.   Bedlam
  13.   Solidarity
  14.   Your Wars/Killer
  15.   Piece of Her Time
  16.   Human Behavior
  17.   Stand
  18.   New Song
  19.   Laissez - Faire
  20.   Influenced
  21.   Hygiene
  22.   Cry Wolf
  23.   Total Mash
  24.   Who Knows - Who Cares?
  25.   U. Suck A. /We're Fed Up
  26.   Ultra Violence/Screamin'
  27.   Violent Youth
  28.   Bet You Never Thought
  29.   Things to Do Today
  30.   This Side Up
  31.   Gluesniff
  32.   Still Screaming
  33.   A No Money Down
  34.   Show and Tell Me Baby
  35.   The Zoo Closes at Dark
  36.   I Look When You Walk
  37.   Iron Curtain
  38.   Walking Song Dub
  39.   Me and Baby Brother
  40.   Young and Dumb
  41.   Caffeine Dream
  42.   Sunmaker
  43.   Mardi Gras
  44.   Land Torn Down
  45.   Gods Look Down
  46.   Gas
  47.   Dying Days
  48.   Poppa Says
  49.   Rain
  50.   Banging the Drum
  51.   People People
  52.   I.C.Y.U.O.D.
  53.   Nod to the East
  54.   Mineshaft Burning
  55.   The Rhythm Beating
  56.   Feel Like That
  57.   Walkin' By Myself
  58.   When I Rise
  59.   The Sing It Up Kidz
  60.   Choke Word
  61.   Ameri-Dub
  62.   Show & Tell Me
  63.   Ultra Violence
  64.   No More Censorship
  65.   Zoo Closes
  66.   Influenced to Ignorance
  67.   U Suck a
  68.   We're Fed Up
  69.   Outlaw
  70.   I Believe in Me
  71.   Man in the Moon
  72.   Father, Mother, Son
  73.   Give It Up
  74.   Never Loved Her Anyway
  75.   Tell Me Why
  76.   Love's Got a Hold on Me
  77.   I Don't Care
  78.   Every Inch a Woman
  79.   You Are All I Need
  80.   Catch Me If You Can
  81.   Crackman*
  82.   Chokeword
  83.   Hit Me
  84.   Fucked Without A Kiss
  85.   No Escape
  86.   Building Dreams
  87.   Take It From The Top
  88.   Something In My Head
  89.   It's The Time
  90.   Binge
  91.   Run To The Sun
  92.   In The Beginning
  93.   Aquarium
  94.   Die Another Day
  95.   Headliner
  96.   American Justice
  97.   C.W.W. Pt. II
  98.   Dancing Madly Backwards
  99.   Fight
  100.   Hot Smoke and Sasafrass
  101.   Show and Tell
  102.   I'm in Love with My Car