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Across dozens of 12" releases, albums, and DJ mixes, Paul Rose's output as Scuba has been classified as a number of styles within the realm of electronic dance music, with dubstep the most common. As with a lot of dubstep producers, Scuba's sound was primarily pared down, dark, and occasionally menacing, but it gradually shifted toward loose, funky, and melodic strains. At the same time, he used the SCB alias for relatively straightforward house and techno releases. Early in his career, Rose founded the Hotflush label, home to Scuba, as well as releases by Benga, Joy Orbison, and Mount Kimbie. That’s where he released most of his singles, as well as the albums A Mutual Antipathy (2008) and Triangulation (2010). A move from his native London, England to Berlin, Germany fostered close ties with the club Berghain, where he ran a night called Sub: Stance; he put together a like-titled mix CD for Berghain’s Ostgut Ton and later delivered a volume in !K7's DJ-Kicks series. Personality, a studio album released in 2012 on Hotflush, continued Rose's shift toward a brighter and more eclectic approach to production. ~ Andy Kellman
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  31.   All I Think About is Death
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  62.   Poppies by P.D. Rose
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  64.   Systematic Decline by P.D. Rose
  65.   Solitary Confinement
  66.   Glance
  67.   Action
  68.   The Upside by P.D. Rose
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