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Hailing from South Africa and comprising members Shaun Morgan (vocals, guitar), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums), Seether embraces a brand of heavy metal mostly associated with the post-grunge era of alternative music, complete with crunchy distortion and brooding textures. The band emerged in 1999 as Saron Gas (a name taken from the back of a sound effects CD) and released their debut album, Fragile, the following year on Musketeer Records. In a country whose musical tastes center around pop and indigenous music, Fragile found impressive chart success. Across the Atlantic, the U.S.-based Wind Up Records caught wind of the band's growing popularity and signed the South African bandmates, who changed their name to Seether in light of Saron Gas' similarity to the lethal nerve agent sarin gas. An EP release and a spot on the Ozzfest tour preceded the unveiling of Seether's full-length debut in the summer of 2002. Issued that August, Disclaimer featured the modern rock single "Fine Again" and led to a year-long tour, during which singer Morgan's relationship with Evanescence siren Amy Lee blossomed. But while the tour ensured increasing commercial status for Seether, it also delayed the band's return to the studio. In March 2004, a few tracks appeared on the Punisher soundtrack, including a duet version of Disclaimer's "Broken" featuring vocal contributions from Lee. Disclaimer II appeared that June, pairing a handful of new tracks with remixed or re-recorded versions of the previous album's tracks. Seether viewed the album as an opportunity to re-evaluate their debut's release (whose mix was, according to the band, subpar) and gave listeners new content as a holdover until the band's proper follow-up. The promised sophomore effort, Karma and Effect, was released in May 2005 and entered the Top Ten, while the acoustic CD/DVD package One Cold Night appeared in 2006. Following Morgan's breakup with Amy Lee and a successful stint in rehab, Seether returned in 2007 with Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, introducing the album with the snide and catchy single "Fake It." In 2009 the band took a break from touring to head into the studio with producer Brendan O'Brien to work on their fifth album. They went back out on the road for another year before eventually releasing Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray in 2011. Isolate and Medicate, the band's sixth studio long-player, followed in 2014. ~ Bradley Torreano & Andrew Leahey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Fake It
  3.   Remedy
  4.   Breakdown
  5.   Fine Again
  6.   Rise Above This
  7.   Same Damn Life
  8.   Tonight
  9.   Country Song
  10.   Gasoline
  11.   Truth
  12.   Broken
  13.   Careless Whisper
  14.   Words as Weapons
  15.   Nobody Praying for Me
  16.   Save Today
  17.   Driven Under
  18.   No Resolution
  19.   Here and Now
  20.   Weak
  21.   The Gift
  22.   Seether
  23.   My Disaster
  24.   Suffer It All
  25.   Let You Down
  26.   Fade Away
  27.   F*** It
  28.   Watch Me Drown
  29.   Sympathetic
  30.   Never Leave
  31.   Out of My Way
  32.   Love Her
  33.   Eyes of the Devil
  34.   Fmlyhm
  35.   Crash
  36.   See You at the Bottom
  37.   Walk Away from the Sun
  38.   Fallen
  39.   Tied My Hands
  40.   Dragon in Me (Desire for Need)
  41.   Like Suicide
  42.   Diseased
  43.   Pig
  44.   Desire for Need
  45.   Six Gun Quota
  46.   Given
  47.   Burrito
  48.   Hang On
  49.   Safe to Say I've Had Enough
  50.   Yeah
  51.   Fur Cue
  52.   Down
  53.   Simplest Mistake
  54.   Let Me Go
  55.   Needles
  56.   Innocence
  57.   Effigy
  58.   No Shelter
  59.   Waste
  60.   Immortality
  61.   [Untitled Track]
  62.   Plastic Man
  63.   World Falls Away
  64.   Because of Me
  65.   Take Me Away
  66.   Your Bore
  67.   69 Tea
  68.   Cigarettes
  69.   Goodbye Tonight by Van Coke Kartel
  70.   Burn the World
  71.   Butterfly with Teeth
  72.   Master of Disaster
  73.   Roses
  74.   Forsaken
  75.   Don't Believe
  76.   I'm the One
  77.   Pride
  78.   Turn Around
  79.   Keep the Dogs at Bay
  80.   Melodious
  81.   Nobody
  82.   Pass Slowly
  83.   No Jesus Christ
  84.   Got It Made
  85.   Sold Me
  86.   Fade Out
  87.   Blister
  88.   Dead Seeds
  89.   Tongue
  90.   Burn the Bridges