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Shadows Fall

Although their music sometimes bears strong similarities to the technical, progressive brand of death metal centered around Gothenburg, Sweden and epitomized by bands like In Flames, Shadows Fall actually hail from Massachusetts. Guitarists Jonathan Donais and Matthew Bachand formed the band in 1996, and by the summer of the following year, the lineup had solidified with vocalist Phil Lebonte, bassist Paul Romanko, and drummer David Germain. Building their songs around the stop-start tempo and riff changes pioneered by bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Iron Maiden, the band toured New England and eventually snagged opening slots for acts like Fear Factory and Cannibal Corpse. Toward the end of 1997, they recorded a self-financed, self-released album titled Somber Eyes to the Sky, which eventually charted in CMJ's Loud Rock Top Ten and was picked up for overseas distribution. In 1998, Shadows Fall replaced Lebonte with former Overcast vocalist Brian Fair, a more versatile singer capable of handling melody as well as pure aggression. After further touring, the band scored a deal with Century Media in 1999; their first widely distributed domestic album, Of One Blood, was issued in early 2000. Soon after, Germain left the band and was replaced by drummer Jason Bittner. After releasing The Art of Balance in 2002 the band spent the summer of 2003 on the Ozzfest tour, gaining a larger fan base thanks to their intense live show. In turn, their 2004 album The War Within debuted at number 20 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. A collection of tracks left off the album appeared in 2006 as Fallout from the War. It was followed by Threads of Life in 2007 and Retribution in 2009. A world tour followed and resulted in the 2010 release of Madness in Manila: Shadows Fall Live in the Philippines 2009, followed by global touring and festival appearances. The band returned to the studio in 2011 and cut Fire from the Sky, which was issued in the spring of 2012. ~ Steve Huey
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Shadows Fall

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Shadows Fall

  1.   Song
  2.   Destroyer of Senses
  3.   Thoughts Without Words
  4.   What Drives the Weak
  5.   Divide and Conquer
  6.   Redemption
  7.   The Power of I and I
  8.   Enlightened by the Cold
  9.   Idle Hands
  10.   Fire From the Sky
  11.   Inspiration on Demand
  12.   Curshing Belial by Brian Fair
  13.   In Effigy
  14.   Revel In My Loss
  15.   The Idiot Box
  16.   Save Your Soul
  17.   War
  18.   Of One Blood
  19.   To Ashes
  20.   Mark of the Squealer
  21.   Venomous
  22.   Weight of the World
  23.   Welcome to the Machine
  24.   The Light That Blinds
  25.   Still I Rise
  26.   Failure of the Devout
  27.   The Taste of Fear
  28.   Embrace Annihilation
  29.   A Public Execution
  30.   Fleshold
  31.   The Unknown
  32.   Dead and Gone
  33.   Eternity Is Within
  34.   Act Of Contrition
  35.   A Fire in Babylon
  36.   The First Noble Truth
  37.   Blind Faith
  38.   Nothing Remains
  39.   Picture Perfect
  40.   My Demise
  41.   Crushing Belial
  42.   Dread Uprising
  43.   Burning the Lives
  44.   Another Hero Lost
  45.   Going Going Gone
  46.   Seize the Calm
  47.   December
  48.   Those Who Cannot Speak
  49.   Stillness
  50.   Prelude to Disaster
  51.   The Art of Balance
  52.   Pain Glass Vision
  53.   The Wasteland
  54.   Lost Within
  55.   The Path to Imminent Ruin
  56.   King of Nothing
  57.   Stupid Crazy
  58.   The Great Collapse
  59.   Just Another Nightmare
  60.   Forevermore
  61.   Fury of the Storm
  62.   Teasn', Pleasn'
  63.   Deadworld
  64.   Mystery of the Spirit
  65.   Casting Shade
  66.   Stepping Outside the Circle
  67.   Root Bound Apollo
  68.   Montauk
  69.   Storm Winds
  70.   Haunting Me Endlessly
  71.   Serenity
  72.   Walk the Edge
  73.   Final Call
  74.   Carpal Tunnel
  75.   This Is My Own
  76.   Ghosts Of Past Failures
  77.   Will To Rebuilt

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