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Aside from his rhyming skills and bright prospects, Skyzoo was once known most for his loss to fellow rapper Jin on BET's 106 & Park freestyle contest. Nonetheless, the New York MC launched his career by landing theme tracks for ESPN and Guinness beer, building his own Custom Made Entertainment company, and securing a relationship with North Carolina rap crew the Justus League. The Brooklynite was born Justin Taylor on December 24, 1982, in Crown Heights but spent much of his youth just south of there in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He got his nickname and stage name from his parents, who had given him the middle name of Skyler and fused that with the title of a 1980 single by disco-funk group Skyy. Inspired to rap at the age of nine when he first heard "Age Ain't Nuthin' But a #" by Native Tongue youngster Chi-Ali, he also grew up admiring local-turned-global legends the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. While still a rookie in the game, he managed to work with the likes of esteemed producers Jay Dee and 9th Wonder and hit the streets with many mixtapes in hopes of acquiring a major-label deal. When Jay Dee, a relatively new friend of his, passed in February 2006, the news devastated him, and he recorded "Sky's Last Donut" in response. Although he was still aiming for the majors, he released a collaborative LP with 9th Wonder, Present Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, on the independent Traffic label. It was reportedly recorded during only three days, and was released in October 2006. After additional mixtape releases, Skyzoo signed with 9th Wonder's Jamla, a Duck Down subsidiary, and released The Salvation, his first proper solo album, in September 2009. Productions came from 9th, as well as Just Blaze, Black Milk, Needlz, and Nottz, among others. His second proper album, A Dream Deferred -- highlighted by a handful of singles that included "Spike Lee Was My Hero," a Lee-approved song featuring Talib Kweli -- was released through The Faculty/Duck Down in October 2012. After completing his contract with Duck Down in 2013, Skyzoo established his imprint First Generation Rich, Inc. He collaborated with producer AntMan Wonder on An Ode to Reasonable Doubt, dedicated to Jay-Z's 1996 debut album and released on the iconic rapper's birthday, December 4. Skyzoo also collaborated with Torae on the 2014 album Barrel Brothers, which featured production from DJ Premier, Illmind, Oh No, and others. Skyzoo's third solo album, Music for My Friends, arrived in 2015, including guest appearances from the Roots' Black Thought, Jadakiss, Bilal, and more. The following year, Skyzoo teamed up with Detroit-based producer Apollo Brown for the full-length The Easy Truth, released by Mello Music Group. Skyzoo tracks have also been licensed for use in video games such as Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, NBA2K11, and NBA2K12. ~ Cyril Cordor
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  1.   Song
  2.   Under Pressure
  3.   Look What We Have Here
  4.   Spike Lee Was My Hero
  5.   Here for the Crown
  6.   Luxury
  7.   Dear Whoever
  8.   Civilized Leisure
  9.   The Moments That Matter by Kay Cola
  10.   Henny Black
  11.   For the Sleepers
  12.   Drew & Derwin
  13.   The Opener
  14.   Ever Loyal
  15.   Women Who Can Cook
  16.   Playing Favorites by Christon Gray
  17.   Return of the Real
  18.   For the Awake
  19.   Black President Remix
  20.   Civilized Leisure by Mozaic
  21.   Meadow of Trust by Saba
  22.   Sweet Pursuit by Kay Cola
  23.   Things I Should've Told My Friends
  24.   Asking Bodie For A Package
  25.   The Experience
  26.   Meadow of Trust
  27.   Playing Favorites
  28.   Money Makes Us Happy
  29.   See a Key (Ki') by Jadakiss
  30.   Everything's For Sale
  31.   All Day, Always
  32.   Suicide Doors
  33.   By Any Means
  34.   #FGR (First Generation Rich)
  35.   Liquor & Sneakers
  36.   Fulfillment
  37.   Strung Out
  38.   Could've Struck the Lotto
  39.   Get Him to the Greek
  40.   Test Drive
  41.   Atypical
  42.   Designer Drugs
  43.   Rap Like Me
  44.   Complicated Rhythm
  45.   The City Rises
  46.   I'm On It
  47.   Way To Go
  48.   Realization
  49.   Glass Ceilings
  50.   Pockets Full
  51.   Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali)
  52.   Dreams in a Basement
  53.   Burn Notice by Heltah Skeltah
  54.   The Necessary Evils
  55.   Luxury by Westside Gunn
  56.   Parade Me
  57.   Money Makes Us Happy featuring Bilal
  58.   Like a Marathon
  59.   The Bodega by 9th Wonder
  60.   Expensive Habits
  61.   The Definitive Prayer
  62.   Inheritance
  63.   How to Make It Through Hysteria
  64.   The Knowing
  65.   Give It Up
  66.   Live and Direct by 9th Wonder
  67.   The Spirit by 9th Wonder
  68.   A Day in the Life by 9th Wonder
  69.   My Interpretation
  70.   For What It's Worth
  71.   I'm on It by 9th Wonder
  72.   Ride Out
  73.   Know That Cash Rules by Torae
  74.   You & Me
  75.   Easy to Fly by Carlitta Durand
  76.   Way to Go by 9th Wonder
  77.   Asking Bodie for a Package by Skarr Akbar
  78.   (Bonus Track) Falling Out The Sky
  79.   Written in the Drums
  80.   Metal Hearts
  81.   The Cost of Sleep
  82.   Popularity
  83.   Everything'for Sale
  84.   Until It All Goes
  85.   The Shooter's Soundtrack
  86.   The Beautiful Decay
  87.   Steel's Apartment
  88.   Stop Fooling Yourself by 9th Wonder
  89.   Bottom Line
  90.   Bare Witness by 9th Wonder
  91.   Extreme Measures by 9th Wonder
  92.   We Here
  93.   Range Rover Rhythm
  94.   The Rage of Roemello
  95.   Maintain
  96.   Come Back by 9th Wonder
  97.   Penmanship