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Social Distortion

The enduring L.A. punk band Social Distortion has overcome numerous personnel shifts, the demise of the Los Angeles hardcore scene that spawned them, and the heroin addiction of singer/guitarist/bandleader Mike Ness to achieve a measure mainstream acceptance for their rootsy, hard-hitting punk without compromise. Inspired by the fertile L.A. punk scene, Ness formed the group in 1978 with drummer Casey Royer and brothers Frank (bass) and Rikk Agnew (guitar). When the brothers left to join the Adolescents, Ness' schoolmate Dennis Danell joined on bass; the next few years saw a revolving-door membership. When the group finally recorded its debut album, Mommy's Little Monster in 1983, the band consisted of Ness, Danell (now on guitar), bassist Brent Liles, and drummer Derek O'Brien. Their music was often described as a punk version of the Rolling Stones, and "Another State of Mind" was one of the few punk videos to air on MTV in 1984. However, the band took four years to record a follow-up, as Ness descended into heroin addiction and self-consciously rebellious behavior. Liles and O'Brien left, and Ness, after straightening himself out, finally regrouped in 1988 with John Maurer on bass and Chris Reece on drums. This lineup recorded Prison Bound, a mature album broadening Social Distortion's roots rock influences with a country feel. Their self-titled 1990 effort included a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and returned the group to MTV via "Ball and Chain." Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell became their most popular album to date, producing a minor radio hit in "Bad Luck" and keeping with their now-established blend of punk, blues, country, and rockabilly. Social Distortion took an extended hiatus following the release of Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, returning in 1996 with White Light, White Heat, White Trash, which proved to be a moderate hit on MTV and modern-rock radio; former Black Flag and D.O.A. drummer Chuck Biscuits made his debut on the album, following the departure of Reece. Live at the Roxy followed in 1998, and a year later Ness issued a pair of solo albums, Cheating at Solitaire and the covers collection Under the Influences. Danell died February 29, 2000 of an apparent brain aneurysm; the guitarist was just 38-years-old. In the fall of 2000, Jonny Wickersham signed on as the group's new guitarist, and Charlie Quintana took over on drums from the often busy Biscuits. After extensive touring, the band went back into the studio in 2004 to record Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll. Another six years passed before Social D returned to recording. Produced by Mike Ness himself, 2011's glossy-but-muscular Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes featured a new lineup, with bassist Brent Harding and the son of Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo, drummer David Hidalgo Jr. joining Wickersham and Ness. ~ Steve Huey
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Social Distortion

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Social Distortion

  1.   Song
  2.   Ball and Chain
  3.   Ring Of Fire
  4.   Story of My Life
  5.   I Was Wrong
  6.   Bad Luck
  7.   Prison Bound
  8.   Mommy's Little Monster
  9.   Sick Boys
  10.   Far Behind
  11.   When She Begins
  12.   Cold Feelings
  13.   Machine Gun Blues
  14.   Reach For The Sky
  15.   1945
  16.   The Creeps
  17.   Mainliner
  18.   Indulgence
  19.   Angels Wings
  20.   California (Hustle and Flow)
  21.   Winners and Losers
  22.   King of Fools
  23.   Under My Thumb
  24.   So Far Away
  25.   It Coulda Been Me
  26.   Don't Drag Me Down
  27.   Let It Be Me
  28.   Untitled
  29.   Another State of Mind
  30.   When the Angels Sing
  31.   Dear Lover
  32.   Nickels and Dimes
  33.   Crown of Thorns
  34.   Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
  35.   Alone and Forsaken
  36.   No Pain No Gain
  37.   Maybeline
  38.   Still Alive
  39.   I Wasn't Born to Follow
  40.   Bye Bye Baby
  41.   Born to Lose
  42.   Lost Child
  43.   All the Answers
  44.   Footprints on My Ceiling
  45.   A Place in My Heart
  46.   Moral Threat
  47.   Far Side of Nowhere
  48.   Diamond in the Rough
  49.   Bakersfield
  50.   Down Here
  51.   Gotta Know the Rules
  52.   Like an Outlaw (For You)
  53.   It's the Law
  54.   I Want What I Want
  55.   Faithless
  56.   Highway 101
  57.   This Time Darlin'
  58.   99 to Life
  59.   Making Believe
  60.   Pleasure Seeker
  61.   Down on the World Again
  62.   Through These Eyes
  63.   Drug Train
  64.   Mass Hysteria
  65.   Lonesome Train
  66.   I Won't Run No More
  67.   Take Care of Yourself
  68.   Writing on the Wall
  69.   Can't Take It With You
  70.   Don't Take Me For Granted
  71.   She's a Knockout
  72.   Lawless
  73.   Backstreet Girl
  74.   [Untitled]
  75.   Anti-Fashion
  76.   Playpen
  77.   Telling Them
  78.   Justice for All
  79.   Road Zombie
  80.   Live Before You Die
  81.   Ghost Town Blues
  82.   Sometimes I Do
  83.   On My Nerves
  84.   Hour of Darkness
  85.   It Wasn't a Pretty Picture