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The Soft Pack

Playing smart but simple rock that harks back to ‘60s garage, ‘70s punk, and ‘80s college rock, the Soft Pack feature vocalist/guitarist Matt Lamkin, guitarist Matty McLoughlin, bassist Dave Lantzman, and drummer Brian Hill. The band formed in San Diego in 2008, when Lamkin and McLoughlin decided to fill the void of straightforward, catchy rock bands in their town. At first, they called themselves the Muslims, and even released two October 2008 singles, Parasites/Walking with Jesus on I Hate Rock n’ Roll and Extinction/My Flash on You on Sweet Tooth Records, under that moniker. However, negative and ignorant comments about the name prompted them to change it to the Soft Pack. Their first release under that name, the Nightlife/Bright Side single, appeared in March 2009, as did the Muslims EP, which gathered the tracks from their previous singles as well as some new songs that also later appeared on May 2009’s Extinction single. Around that time the Soft Pack -- who now called Los Angeles home -- began recording their debut album with producer Eli Janney. The Soft Pack was released by Kemado in early 2010. The band returned two years later with Strapped, a more expansive and subdued set of songs. ~ Heather Phares
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The Soft Pack

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The Soft Pack

Top Songs by
The Soft Pack

  1.   Song
  2.   Answer to Yourself
  3.   C'mon
  4.   Saratoga
  5.   More or Less
  6.   Mexico
  7.   Down on Loving
  8.   Parasites
  9.   Pull Out
  10.   Head on Ice
  11.   Call It A Day
  12.   They Say
  13.   Tallboy
  14.   Beside Myself
  15.   Eat Gold
  16.   Extinction
  17.   Nightlife
  18.   Ray's Mistake
  19.   Faithman
  20.   Tides of Time
  21.   Bright Side
  22.   Everything I Know
  23.   Chinatown
  24.   Bobby Brown
  25.   Second Look
  26.   American
  27.   Religion
  28.   Densmore's Gone
  29.   Right And Wrong
  30.   Move Along
  31.   Bound to Fall
  32.   Captain Ace
  33.   Flammable
  34.   On My Time
  35.   Future Rock
  36.   Oxford Ave.

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