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Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The three original members of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin -- lead guitarist Will Knauer, drummer Philip Dickey, and bassist Tom Hembree -- met in high school in Springfield, Missouri, and soon formed a pop band. It was Dickey who came up with the group's name while shopping with his mother one day in the local mall, and he also wrote most of their early material. Once in college, the trio added singer/guitarist John Robert Cardwell and bassist/recording engineer Jonathan James to the lineup, and the band set up a makeshift studio in Knauer's home to record Broom, which became their indie debut in 2005. Broom was only meant to be a local release. However, after the band uploaded some songs onto its website, the music press caught wind of the group's breezy pop music and helped spark a swell of online interest in the band. Along with a handful of other groups, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin became the toast of the blogosphere in 2006. That same spring, their song "Oregon Girl" ended up on an episode of The O.C., a sign that their popularity wasn't confined to the internet. A contract with Polyvinyl Records followed, and a remastered version of Broom appeared before the end of 2006. By that time, though, both Hembree and James had left, thus turning SSLYBY back into a three-piece with a rotating cast of additional guest musicians. James eventually rejoined the band, climbing aboard just in time for the release of their second full-length, Pershing. Issued in 2008, the album featured production by the bandmates themselves. SSLYBY decided to enlist the help of producer Chris Walla on their next album, though, and the resulting Let It Sway appeared to warm reviews in 2010. The following year, Polyvinyl released a compilation of the band's unreleased B-sides and demos titled Tape Club. The 2013 Polyvinyl release Fly by Wire returned the band to a three-piece lineup of Knauer, Dickey, and James, reflecting a more mature approach as well as a back-to-basics recording style back at Knauer's home. Their fifth studio album, 2015's The High Country, was recorded in Chris Walla's Hall of Justice studio and found the band upping tempos and power for a still melodically sweet but electrified, feedback-peppered reunion of SSLYBY's original lineup with Hembree returning on bass. ~ Marisa Brown
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Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

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Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

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Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

  1.   Song
  2.   Oregon Girl
  3.   I Am Warm & Powerful
  4.   Sink/Let It Sway
  5.   Glue Girls
  6.   Critical Drain
  7.   Yellow Missing Signs
  8.   Think I Wanna Die
  9.   Sweet Owl
  10.   All Hail Dracula!
  11.   Foreign Future
  12.   Modern Mystery
  13.   Animalkind
  14.   Let's Get Tired
  15.   Bigger Than Yr Yard
  16.   Chili Cook-Off
  17.   Tin Floor 51
  18.   Song 1000
  19.   New Day
  20.   Back in the Saddle
  21.   Spinning Sea
  22.   My Terrible Personality
  23.   Made to Last
  24.   Nightwater Girlfriend
  25.   Letter Divine
  26.   Phantomwise
  27.   Song Will
  28.   Go Upstairs
  29.   Travel Song
  30.   Trevor Forever
  31.   Oceanographer
  32.   Bended
  33.   Half-Awake (Deb)
  34.   Anne Elephant
  35.   Ms. Dot
  36.   HEERS
  37.   Song W + Song L
  38.   Fly by Wire
  39.   Lucky Young
  40.   Young Presidents
  41.   Pangea
  42.   What'll We Do
  43.   Same Speed
  44.   Harrison Ford
  45.   Lower the Gas Prices, Howard Johnson
  46.   Song W
  47.   Stuart Gets Lost dans le Metro
  48.   Madeline
  49.   Everlyn
  50.   Magnet's New Summer 'Do
  51.   Line on You
  52.   Coming Through
  53.   Dead Right
  54.   Banned (By the Man)
  55.   Not Worth Fighting
  56.   Goal Mind
  57.   Anna Lee
  58.   Unearth
  59.   Weekend
  60.   Gwyneth
  61.   In Pairs
  62.   Cardinal Rules
  63.   What I Won
  64.   Boring Fountain
  65.   Doris Tailspin (Boring Mountain)
  66.   House Fire
  67.   Since You Stole My Heart
  68.   We Can Win Missouri
  69.   The Beach Song
  70.   Some Constellation
  71.   Full Possession of All Her Powers
  72.   Yr Broom
  73.   Total Meltown
  74.   Bright Leaves
  75.   Step Brother City
  76.   You Could Write a Book
  77.   The Clod and the Pebble
  78.   Bastard of Rome
  79.   Loretta
  80.   Cover All Sides
  81.   A Picture to Prove It

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