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S.O.S. hails from Queens, New York, where vocalist/bassist Adam Mastrosimone and guitarists Mike SOS and Mike Vittiglio founded the group towards the end of the 1990s, making their full-length debut with ‘99's The Mob and the Limo Love Scam. Along with their sophomore effort, 2001's Adios Bandito, this was released by independent 3:16 Records and achieved very modest sales, thus consigning S.O.S to almost five years of studio silence amidst hundreds of local shows backed by countless hired gun drummers. Finally, in 2006, the group found a satisfactory percussionist in Brooklyn dweller P.A. Harrison, and recorded their third album A Guide to Better Living, featuring an eclectic mix of punk, hard rock, alt-rock, hardcore and metal. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Daisy (Ray's Lazy Day)
  3.   Pulse
  4.   What I Need
  5.   Skoolboy Rowe
  6.   Why It Has to Be
  7.   Let It Ride
  8.   Edumacation
  9.   Humanity
  10.   Sean Mahoney
  11.   On the Spot
  12.   Sob Story
  13.   Breathing Room
  14.   Nicey Nice
  15.   My Constitution
  16.   Homegrown
  17.   Movers and Shakers
  18.   Forbidden Love
  19.   Take It
  20.   Phantom
  21.   Park
  22.   Think They Got Me
  23.   Porkchop
  24.   Dirt
  25.   Who Stole the Bus Stop Sign?
  26.   Reach
  27.   Consummate
  28.   Hitchhiker
  29.   Drive
  30.   Gravel
  31.   Ole Matador
  32.   Cowtippin'
  33.   The Bottle
  34.   Foolproof
  35.   Bumblef*cK
  36.   Star Killers
  37.   Everything Must Go
  38.   Scenic Route
  39.   The Wedding Guy
  40.   Hopeless
  41.   Old No. 7
  42.   No Miracle
  43.   Slut
  44.   Counsel to the Crown
  45.   Dead Before Noon
  46.   Rub & Tug
  47.   Can't Stop
  48.   Amputee
  49.   [Untitled Track]
  50.   Middle Ground
  51.   Killing Time
  52.   Venice

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