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Spacemen 3

Spacemen 3 were psychedelic in the loosest sense of the word; their guitar explorations were colorfully mind-altering, but not in the sense of the acid rock of the '60s. Instead, the band developed its own minimalistic psychedelia, relying on heavily distorted guitars to clash and produce their own harmonic overtones; frequently, they would lead up to walls of distortion with overamplified acoustic guitars and synths. Often the band would jam on one chord or play a series of songs, all in the same tempo and key. Though this approach was challenging, often bordering on the avant-garde, Spacemen 3 nevertheless gained a dedicated cult following. After releasing several albums in the late '80s, the band fell apart after in 1991. In 1982, Sonic Boom (guitar, organ, vocals; born Pete Kember on November 19, 1965) and Jason Pierce (guitar, organ, vocals; also born November 19, 1965) formed Spacemen 3 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Sonic Boom and Pierce added a rhythm section comprised of Pete Baines and Rosco, and spent the next four years rehearsing and jamming. In 1986, the group released its debut album, Sound of Confusion, on Glass Records. At first the band sounded a bit like a punked-up garage rock band, but their music quickly evolved into their signature trance-like neo-psychedelia. Spacemen 3's second album, 1987's The Perfect Prescription, was the first to capture the group's distinctive style. Following 1989's Playing With Fire, Baines and Rosco left the group to form their own band, the Darkside. They were replaced by Will Carruthers and Jon Mattock. Despite the addition of new blood to its lineup, the band was beginning to fray because of in-fighting between Sonic Boom and Pierce, as well as the former's increasing drug dependency. The new lineup struggled through a final album, 1991's Recurring, which featured Boom's songs on side one and Pierce's on side two. By the time of the release of Recurring, Pierce was performing with Carruthers and Mattock in a new band called Spiritualized. Shortly after the release of Recurring, Spacemen 3 split, and Spiritualized became Pierce's full-time band, eventually earning a cult following of its own. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Spacemen 3

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Spacemen 3

  1.   Song
  2.   An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music
  3.   Any Way That You Want Me
  4.   Come Down Easy
  5.   Ecstasy Live Into Theme
  6.   Ecstasy
  7.   Spacemen Jam
  8.   Come Down Softly to My Soul
  9.   How Does It Feel
  10.   Ecstasy in Slow Motion
  11.   Things'll Never Be the Same
  12.   Starship
  13.   Lord Can You Here Me
  14.   So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears)
  15.   Let Me Down Gently
  16.   Fixin' to Die
  17.   Lord Can You Hear Me?
  18.   Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)
  19.   Medley
  20.   Soul 4
  21.   Loosing Touch With Your Mind
  22.   2 35 (Version 1)
  23.   Come Together Two Times
  24.   O.D. Catastrophy
  25.   Things Will Never Be the Same
  26.   Billy Whiz/Blue, Pt. 1
  27.   Set Me Free/I Got the Key
  28.   Big City
  29.   Live Intro Theme (Xstacy)
  30.   Drive/Feel So Sad
  31.   Billy Whizz/Blue I
  32.   Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full of Shit)
  33.   Sometimes
  34.   Hypnotized
  35.   Feel So Sad (Reprise)
  36.   When Tomorrow Hits
  37.   Set Me Free (Reprise)
  38.   Set Me Free/I've Got the Key
  39.   I Love You
  40.   Just to See You Smile
  41.   Girl on Fire
  42.   Velvet Jam
  43.   We Sell Soul
  44.   Ecstacy Symphony
  45.   Esctasy Symphony
  46.   Soul 1
  47.   Ecstasy Symphony
  48.   May the Circle Be Unbroken
  49.   Che
  50.   D.D. Catastrophe
  51.   Little Doll
  52.   Ecstasy Live Intro Theme
  53.   I Want You Right Now
  54.   Suicide (Version 2)
  55.   Why Couldn't I See
  56.   Transparent Radiation
  57.   X-Tracy Symphony
  58.   T.V. Catastrophe
  59.   2:35 (Version 2)
  60.   It's Alright
  61.   Hey Man
  62.   That's Just Fine
  63.   Amen
  64.   Losing Touch With My Mind
  65.   The Sound of Confusion
  66.   Honey
  67.   I Believe It
  68.   2:35
  69.   Drive
  70.   Take Me to the Other Side
  71.   Walkin' with Jesus (Sound of Confusion)
  72.   Ode to Street Hassle
  73.   Feel So Good
  74.   Call the Doctor
  75.   Rollercoaster
  76.   Mary Anne
  77.   Come Together
  78.   Repeater
  79.   Revolution
  80.   Suicide
  81.   Bo Diddley Jam
  82.   Musik Konkret
  83.   Billy Whizz
  84.   These Blues
  85.   Modulated Tones
  86.   X-Tracy