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It has been said that first impressions last a lifetime. Luckily for Staind, some only last for about 45 minutes. After a volatile disagreement with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst over some of Staind's early cover art, it seemed their big break had walked out the door. Fortunately, by the time Durst had witnessed Staind's intense live show, he was ready to exchange phone numbers. Staind's story began in the New England area when vocalist Aaron Lewis and guitarist Mike Mushok met at a Christmas party in 1993. Mushok was able to bring drummer Jon Wysocki into the fold, and Lewis' connection with a bass player (who later left) completed the early lineup. Establishing themselves took time, and extensive touring of the Northeast with other established metal acts helped them sell over 2,000 copies of their self-released debut in just over a year. They were primed for their big break, and on October 23, 1997, the hard work paid off. At a show in Hartford, Connecticut, Staind were all set to open for Limp Bizkit when Bizkit singer Durst raised a stink over cover art on Staind's self-released CD. After a heated conversation over whether or not Staind were Satan worshipers, Durst forcefully returned the disc to the band, and walked away. But 45 minutes later Durst was back, not to further the argument, but to make sure he kept in contact with Staind. Blown away by their live show, Durst exchanged phone numbers, and loved their demo tape when they gave it to him. He convinced them to travel to Jacksonville, Florida, to work on the new songs. After reworking the new material and a successful live show, Durst contacted the head of Flip Records and arranged a meeting for Staind with the label. While in Los Angeles, a three-song sampler was recorded, and by the time February rolled around in 1998, the band had a record deal. After playing the Vans Warped Tour, they began work on their first album, Dysfunction. The album was produced by Terry Date (Deftones, Pantera, Soundgarden) and was released April 13, 1999. A tour with Kid Rock followed that spring and later the band reunited with good friends Limp Bizkit for a summer tour. Their follow-up, Break the Cycle, enjoyed a prolonged visit at the number one spot on U.S. charts in 2001. Smash hits like "It's Been a While," "Fade," "For You," and "Epiphany" catapulted Staind into the mainstream, leaving their 2002 DVD MTV Unplugged to go gold. Staind released 14 Shades of Grey in spring 2003, and after a two-year break returned with the chart-topping Chapter V, named to include their self-released debut in the Staind canon. A Singles and Videos compilation arrived in 2006, followed by the all-new studio album Illusion of Progress in 2008, the latter of which debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. The band's eponymous seventh studio album, which saw the departure of longtime drummer Jon Wysocki, arrived on September 13, 2011. Later that year, the band recruited drummer Sal Giancarelli and hit the road, documenting the tour with 2012's Live from Mohegan Sun, which captured the tour's first show. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   It's Been Awhile
  3.   So Far Away
  4.   Right Here
  5.   Outside
  6.   Mudshovel
  7.   Fade
  8.   Not Again
  9.   Home
  10.   Just Go
  11.   Suffocate
  12.   Comfortably Numb
  13.   For You
  14.   Epiphany
  15.   Believe
  16.   Price to Play
  17.   Crawl
  18.   Zoe Jane
  19.   Nutshell
  20.   Rainy Day Parade
  21.   Tangled Up in You
  22.   Something to Remind You
  23.   Everything Changes
  24.   Sober
  25.   All I Want
  26.   Falling
  27.   Save Me
  28.   Eyes Wide Open
  29.   Spleen
  30.   Devil
  31.   Blow Away
  32.   Throw It All Away
  33.   Nothing Left to Say
  34.   The Way I Am
  35.   Change
  36.   Me
  37.   Take a Breath
  38.   The Corner
  39.   Can't Believe by Aaron Lewis
  40.   Tonight
  41.   Run Away
  42.   Excess Baggage
  43.   Lost Along the Way
  44.   Reality
  45.   Raw
  46.   Failing
  47.   The Bottom
  48.   Take This
  49.   Could It Be
  50.   Fill Me Up
  51.   Fray
  52.   Suffer
  53.   Falling Down
  54.   Wannabe
  55.   Break Away
  56.   This Is It
  57.   King of All Excuses
  58.   Please
  59.   Pressure
  60.   Now
  61.   Pardon Me
  62.   Reply
  63.   Cross to Bear
  64.   Schizophrenic Conversations
  65.   Paper Jesus
  66.   How About You
  67.   Come Again
  68.   Take It
  69.   Safe Place
  70.   Yesterday
  71.   Intro
  72.   Layne
  73.   Waste
  74.   Raining Again
  75.   Open Your Eyes
  76.   Paper Wings
  77.   A Flat
  78.   Warm Safe Place
  79.   Open Wide
  80.   Intro: A New Wave of Misery
  81.   Early Stirrings of Dissent
  82.   In the Presence of Greatness
  83.   Going All the Way
  84.   Keeping It Dysfunctional
  85.   The Rise of the New Kids on the Block
  86.   On Top of the World
  87.   A Diverse Palette of Heaviosity
  88.   Behind the Venom
  89.   A New Era Beckons