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Sharing a fondness for sophisticated soul and pop artists like the Smiths, New Order, and Marvin Gaye, vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman formed Stars in Toronto. Along with friends Evan Cranley (also of Big Rude Jake) and Amy Millan (who contributed to the soundtrack for the film Drowning Mona), the band relocated to New York City before returning to Canada, this time settling in Montreal. Their debut full-length, Nightsongs, was released in early 2001 on Le Grand Magistery, with the Comeback EP following later that same year. The band's mix of pop and indie rock made Stars a popular act in Montreal, not to mention an important part of the city's burgeoning indie scene, and their success began spreading into other cities as well. Before 2002 came to an end, the band headed back into the studio to record a sophomore effort. The soft-hued Heart was released to critical acclaim in the U.K. before Christmas; Heart appeared on the Canadian label Arts & Crafts during summer 2003. The ambitious Set Yourself on Fire followed two years later, and all of its tracks were creatively remixed by the band's peers. Stars released those remixed songs on a new album, Do You Trust Your Friends?, in 2007. During July of that year, as a preemptive measure to beat any blog leaks of their next record, Stars made In Our Bedroom After the War available for download two months before its actual September release date. They also created their own label, Soft Revolution, which released the band's next studio album, The Five Ghosts, in 2010. After moving to the ATO label, the group released their sixth album, The North, in the summer of 2012. They returned two years later with No One Is Lost. ~ Kenyon Hopkin
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  1.   Song
  2.   Ageless Beauty
  3.   Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
  4.   Reunion
  5.   Elevator Love Letter
  6.   The Night Starts Here
  7.   Soft Revolution
  8.   Maintenance Hall, 4am
  9.   Going, Going, Gone
  10.   Life Effect
  11.   The Theory of Relativity
  12.   What I'm Trying Tosay
  13.   Fixed
  14.   Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
  15.   Take Me to the Riot
  16.   A Simple Song
  17.   Calendar Girl
  18.   Fairytale of New York
  19.   Wasted Daylight
  20.   Undertow
  21.   14 Forever
  22.   I Died So I Could Haunt You
  23.   No One is Lost
  24.   Romantic Comedy
  25.   Changes
  26.   We Don't Want Your Body
  27.   Backlines
  28.   Bitches in Tokyo
  29.   You Keep Coming Up
  30.   Dead Hearts
  31.   Look Away
  32.   Can't Help Falling In Love
  33.   One More Night
  34.   Are You OK?
  35.   The Light
  36.   Backline
  37.   Division
  38.   Window Bird
  39.   He Lied About Death
  40.   The 400
  41.   He Dreams He's Awake
  42.   Ageless Beauty, song (as used in the film Penelope)
  43.   Rollerskate
  44.   Heart
  45.   A Stranger
  46.   From the Night
  47.   Give It
  48.   Walls
  49.   Progress
  50.   The Loose Ends Will Make Knots
  51.   Do You Want To Die Together?
  52.   Through the Mines
  53.   The North
  54.   Sad Robot
  55.   Celebration Guns
  56.   The First Five Times
  57.   Sleep Tonight
  58.   The Big Fight
  59.   Set Yourself on Fire
  60.   The Woods
  61.   Turn It Up
  62.   Lights Changing Colour
  63.   Say, Say, Say
  64.   What I'm Trying to Say, Pt. 2
  65.   What the Snowman Learned About Love
  66.   This Is the Last Time
  67.   Wishful
  68.   The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam)
  69.   It's Alchemy!
  70.   A Song Is A Weapon
  71.   Winter Bones
  72.   The Passenger
  73.   Asleep
  74.   A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife
  75.   In Our Bedroom After the War
  76.   Barricade
  77.   Personal
  78.   The Ghost of Genova Heights
  79.   Midnight Coward
  80.   My Favourite Book
  81.   The Beginning After the End
  82.   What I'm Trying to Say, Pt. 1
  83.   Don't Be Afraid to Sing
  84.   Look Up
  85.   Time Can Never Kill the True Heart
  86.   The Vanishing
  87.   Death to Death
  88.   What Is to Be Done?
  89.   How Much More
  90.   Ain´t Got No Home
  91.   Trap Door
  92.   To Love Somebody
  93.   No Better Place
  94.   Today Will Be Better, I Swear!
  95.   The Last Song Ever Written
  96.   Life 2: The Unhappy Ending