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Static-X's roots trace to the Midwest, where vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static grew up in Michigan and drummer Ken Jay in Illinois. They ended up in Chicago separately and met at the record store where Jay worked, introduced to one another by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan. Static and Jay decided to head west to California and start up a new band. Shortly after their arrival, Osaka native Koichi Fukada responded to the duo's ad and became their new guitarist, as well as programmer. Bassist Tony Campos, the only true Californian, was the final piece of the puzzle. Static-X's music combined aggressive metal and thrash with industrial overtones and techno pulse. Signed to Warner Brothers in February 1998, Static-X debuted with Wisconsin Death Trip a year later, and the album was eventually certified gold. Departing guitarist Fukada was replaced with Tripp Eisen (ex-Dope) for 2001's Machine, and drummer Jay left after the 2003 album Shadow Zone. If that weren't enough, personal issues forced Eisen to leave the band in 2004. Still, Static-X was undeterred. Static tapped Fukada to rejoin on guitar and programming, and touring drummer Nick Oshiro took over full-time. In June 2005, a rejuvenated Static-X returned to recording with Start a War. Cannibal arrived in 2007, charting inside Billboard's Top 40. The band toured and released a CD/DVD document, Cannibal Killers Live, then settled into the recording of their sixth studio album, Cult of Static. Released in March 2009, it debuted inside the Top 20. The band broke up not long after finishing a lengthy tour, with Wayne Static announcing a renewed focus on his Pighammer side project, with contributions from his wife, Tera Wray. In 2011, Pighammer appeared as a solo album under his own name. A year later, he reformed Static-X -- minus any of the original members. The lineup, which basically consisted of his solo backing band, mounted a tour, but broke up by 2013, and a year later, Wayne Static was dead at the age of 48. ~ Josh Loehr
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  1.   Song
  2.   Push It
  3.   Bled for Days
  4.   The Only
  5.   Dirthouse
  6.   I'm with Stupid
  7.   This Is Not
  8.   Wisconsin Death Trip
  9.   Destroyer
  10.   Cold
  11.   I'm the One
  12.   Love Dump
  13.   I Am
  14.   So
  15.   Permanence
  16.   Control It
  17.   Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
  18.   Monster
  19.   Get to the Gone
  20.   Behind the Wall of Sleep
  21.   Lunatic
  22.   Black and White
  23.   Machine
  24.   Start a War
  25.   The Enemy
  26.   Skinnyman
  27.   Cannibal
  28.   Otsegolation
  29.   Isolaytore
  30.   Chemical Logic
  31.   Chroma-Matic
  32.   Team Hate
  33.   Sweat of the Bud
  34.   Structural Defect
  35.   Z28
  36.   Skinned
  37.   Goat
  38.   Brainfog
  39.   I Want to F****** Break It
  40.   Otsegolectric
  41.   All in Wait
  42.   Anything But This
  43.   Down
  44.   Burn to Burn
  45.   Fix
  46.   You Am I
  47.   Terminal
  48.   Tera-Fied
  49.   Stingwray
  50.   Nocturnally
  51.   Cuts You Up
  52.   My Damnation
  53.   Invincible
  54.   Head
  55.   Burning Inside
  56.   So Real
  57.   December
  58.   The Trance Is the Motion
  59.   Stem
  60.   Hypure
  61.   Behemoth
  62.   Forty Ways
  63.   Electric Pulse
  64.   No Submission
  65.   Crash
  66.   Kill Your Idols
  67.   Shadow Zone
  68.   X Love Dump
  69.   S.O.M.
  70.   Grind 2 Halt
  71.   Reptile
  72.   Otsego Amigo
  73.   Night Terrors
  74.   Set It Off
  75.   Just in Case
  76.   Pieces
  77.   Breathe
  78.   Deliver Me
  79.   Transmission
  80.   Dead World
  81.   New Pain
  82.   Destroy All
  83.   A Dios Alma Perdida
  84.   ...In a Bag
  85.   Otsego Undead
  86.   Ostego Undead
  87.   Shit in a Bag
  88.   Bien Venidos