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California has birthed countless hardcore bands -- it appears as though every few years, there's a band that leads a new charge. And during the early to mid ‘90s, that band was Strife. Comprised of members Rick Rodney (vocals), Andrew Kline (guitar), Chad Peterson (bass), and Aaron Rosi (drums), the quartet originally formed during 1991, in their home base of Los Angeles, California. Signing on with Caroline Records, Strife issued their debut album, One Truth, in 1994, before signing on with one of the country's leading hardcore labels, Victory. 1996 saw the release of a seven inch single, "Grey," as well as a home video, One Truth Live, which documented what it was like to a touring hardcore band in the ‘90s (warts and all). A year later, Strife issued their sophomore effort, In This Defiance, a recording on which the quartet attempted to broaden their sound, as it featured guest spots from members of such acclaimed non-hardcore acts as Fear Factory, Sepultura, and the Deftones. But just when it seemed things were gong good for the band, Strife announced their disbandment in early 1998. Sporadic reunion concerts followed (as well as a collection of odds and ends, 1999's Truth Through Defiance, and almost exactly two years later, Strife decided to reform. In 2001, Strife issued their third studio album, Angermeans, which was followed up by their first major tour in nearly four years. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Life Stained Red
  3.   Will to Die
  4.   Waiting
  5.   Spill No Blood
  6.   Stand as One (Redemption)
  7.   The Distance
  8.   Angel Wings
  9.   Am I the Only One
  10.   End of Days
  11.   No Apologies
  12.   Carry the Torch
  13.   Mon Bel Ami
  14.   Everything Stripped Away
  15.   Global Domination
  16.   All From the Past
  17.   Inner Struggle
  18.   Slipping
  19.   To the Surface
  20.   Through and Through
  21.   Outtro
  22.   Forgotten One
  23.   Grey
  24.   Intro
  25.   The Burden
  26.   Face Your Failures
  27.   To an End
  28.   Torn Apart
  29.   Rise Again
  30.   Move Towards
  31.   Question Mark
  32.   What Will Remain
  33.   Wish I Knew
  34.   Blistered
  35.   [Untitled Track]
  36.   Force of Change
  37.   Calm the Fire
  38.   Lift
  39.   Never Look Back
  40.   Circuit
  41.   Moment's Lost
  42.   Staring at the Sky
  43.   Show No Mercy
  44.   Shadow's End
  45.   Mine Alone
  46.   Look Away
  47.   Arms of the Few
  48.   Overthrow
  49.   Face
  50.   Still Rise
  51.   Angermeans
  52.   From These Graves

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