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The Sugarhill Gang

Though the Sugarhill Gang inaugurated the history of recorded hip-hop with their single "Rapper's Delight," a multi-platinum-seller and radio hit in 1979, the group was cooked up to cash in on a supposed novelty item. Music industry producer and label owner Sylvia Robinson had become aware of the massive hip-hop block parties occurring around the New York area during the late '70s, so she gathered three local rappers (Master Gee, Wonder Mike, and Big Bank Hank) to record a single. Infectious and catchy, "Rapper's Delight" borrowed the break from Chic's "Good Times" and became a worldwide hit, eventually selling more than eight million copies. Most industry people figured rap for a short-lived trend, and though they were dead wrong, the Sugarhill Gang certainly didn't carry the torch; despite several modest hits ("8th Wonder," "Apache"), the trio faded quickly and was gone by the mid-'80s, only returning in 1999 with Jump on It, a rap album for children. ~ John Bush
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The Sugarhill Gang

Top Songs by
The Sugarhill Gang

  1.   Song
  2.   Rapper's Delight
  3.   Apache
  4.   8th Wonder
  5.   Kick It Live from 9 to 5
  6.   Scorpio
  7.   Sugarhill Groove
  8.   Jump on It
  9.   Making Cash Money
  10.   Sugar Hill Gang Real Funky
  11.   Rapper's Reprise
  12.   Girls
  13.   Rapper Reprise (Sugarhill Gang and the Sequence)
  14.   Kick It Live
  15.   Last Day of School
  16.   It's Like a Dream Sometimes
  17.   Bad News
  18.   White Lines (Don't Do It)
  19.   Rapper's Delight Hip Hop Remix '89 (Long)
  20.   Showdown (Furious 5 Meets the Sugarhill Gang)
  21.   My Little Playmate
  22.   Kids' Rapper's Delight
  23.   The Vowels
  24.   Eighth Wonder
  25.   Showdown - The Furious Five Meets the Sugarhill
  26.   Showdown
  27.   Breaks by Kurtis Blow
  28.   I Feel For You / New York, New York
  29.   Spoonie Is Back
  30.   The Big 3: Bless The Mic
  31.   Intro
  32.   Fast Lane I Making Cash Money
  33.   Lala Song
  34.   Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
  35.   Intro: Wheels Of Steel
  36.   I Feel For You
  37.   Fast Lane
  38.   Extra: Remix Version of Concert
  39.   Kick It Live from 9 to Five
  40.   8th Wonder
  41.   Rapper's Delight [Sanctuary Copyrights
  42.   At the Ice Arcade
  43.   Check It Out
  44.   Ain't Nothin' But a Party
  45.   Get Together
  46.   Work, Work, The Body
  47.   The Word Is Out
  48.   The Message, Pt. 2 featuring Grandmaster Flash
  49.   The Message, Pt. 1 featuring Grandmaster Flash
  50.   The Lover in You
  51.   Step Off by Grandmaster Flash
  52.   Showdown
  53.   Round Two Wrap-Up
  54.   Round Four Wrap-Up
  55.   Radio Commercial
  56.   Post-Game Show
  57.   Passion Play
  58.   New York, New York
  59.   Livin' in the Fast Lane
  60.   Kick A Rhyme With Dr. Seuss
  61.   Hot Hot Summer Day
  62.   Here I Am
  63.   Giggalo
  64.   Gigalo
  65.   Funk Box
  66.   Fireworks
  67.   The Down Beat
  68.   Break Dance
  69.   Be a Winner
  70.   Ice-T & Chuck D Introduction/Pre-Game Show
  71.   New York, New York, Pt. 2
  72.   I Feel for You/New York, New York, Pt. 2
  73.   Step Off featuring Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
  74.   Troy
  75.   Showdown-The Furious Five Meets the Sugarhill Gang
  76.   On the Money
  77.   New York, New York, Pt. 1
  78.   The Big 3: Myspace
  79.   Club On Lock
  80.   ABC's
  81.   Space Race
  82.   All Night Long
  83.   I Like
  84.   I Like What You're Doing
  85.   Real Funky