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Suicide Silence

Riverside, California's Suicide Silence formed in 2002. A quintet, the band specialized in that 21st century metal phenomenon known as deathcore, and was signed to international mega metal label Century Media. The band managed to get things rolling quickly, save for a few lineup changes, and went from formation to deal in a mere two years. In the meantime, Suicide Silence issued one pre-deal EP -- the simply titled Suicide Silence -- which saw the light of day on indie labels At the Deep End and SOS Records. The band's Century Media debut album, The Cleansing, was released in September of 2007, and was produced by John Travis. The album was a bit of a mover and shaker in the genre, breaking through to the Top 100 on the Billboard charts, and became one of the label's biggest-ever sellers. Following the release of the album, the band toured steadily in the U.S. and Europe with Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead. Members Mitch Lucker (vocals), Chris Garza (guitar), Mark Heylmun (guitar), Mike Bodkins (bass, but later replaced by Dan Kenny), and Alex Lopez (drums) had more reason to celebrate in 2008, as the band was added to the Mayhem metal festival, which hit stages that summer. No Time to Bleed, released in 2009, found the band in the Top 40 of the album charts for the first time, accompanied by positive reviews. Third album The Black Crown switched from anti-religious topics to personal themes from lyricist Mitch Lucker, and it became the highest charting album of their career. Lucker, however, died in November 2012 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. A memorial tribute show later that year featured Suicide Silence backed by different vocalists for each song, and by the fall of 2013, the band had found their new lead vocalist, Hernan "Eddie" Hermida from All Shall Perish. The Lucker memorial show was released early in 2014 as Ending Is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show 12.21.12. ~ Chris True
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Suicide Silence

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Suicide Silence

  1.   Song
  2.   No Time to Bleed
  3.   Unanswered
  4.   No Pity for a Coward
  5.   Wake Up
  6.   Slaves To Substance
  7.   Human Violence
  8.   You Only Live Once
  9.   Don't Die
  10.   Fuck Everything
  11.   The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
  12.   Sacred Words
  13.   You Can't Stop Me
  14.   Monster Within by Greg Puciato
  15.   Inherit the Crown
  16.   The Disease
  17.   Green Monster
  18.   Distorted Through Addiction
  19.   Girl of Glass
  20.   Bludgeoned to Death
  21.   Destruction of a Statue
  22.   We Have All Had Enough
  23.   Warrior
  24.   Cease to Exist
  25.   O.C.D.
  26.   Suffer
  27.   Smoke
  28.   Ending Is the Beginning
  29.   Engine No. 9
  30.   Lifted
  31.   The Price of Beauty
  32.   Hands of a Killer
  33.   Smashed
  34.   Wasted
  35.   Disengage
  36.   Last Breath
  37.   Blue Haze
  38.   Control by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
  39.   March To The Black Crown (Interlude)
  40.   Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
  41.   Something Invisible
  42.   Genocide
  43.   The Fallen
  44.   Witness The Addiction
  45.   Cancerous Skies
  46.   Your Creations
  47.   Eyes Sewn Shut
  48.   In a Photograph
  49.   ...and Then She Bled
  50.   Revelations (Intro)
  51.   M.A.L.
  52.   Swarm
  53.   About a Plane Crash
  54.   Distorted Thought of Addiction
  55.   Bludgeoned to Death
  56.   Bludgeoned to Death
  57.   [Untitled]
  58.   A Dead Current
  59.   Misleading Milligrams
  60.   Smike
  61.   Hot Dog Lesson with Alex
  62.   NTTB Episode 1
  63.   NTTB Episode 2
  64.   NTTB Episode 3
  65.   NTTB Episode 4
  66.   NTTB Episode I
  67.   NTTB Episode II
  68.   NTTB Episode IV
  69.   Bonus Materials
  70.   Revival of Life
  71.   Them Bones
  72.   March of the Black Crown
  73.   Die Young
  74.   Roots Bloody Roots
  75.   Engine #9
  76.   Intro
  77.   Ending Credits
  78.   Behind-the Scenes Featurette
  79.   Mitch Lucker's Last Interview
  80.   Photo Slideshow
  81.   Ouroboros
  82.   Bonus DVD
  83.   And She Bled
  84.   Big Timber

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