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Sum 41

Sum 41 hit worldwide radar in 1996 after tiny Ajax, Ontario proved unable to fully contain the foursome's mixture of punk-pop riffing, hip-hop poses, and toilet-bowl humor. Led by guitarist/vocalist Deryck Whibley, the band also included guitarist/vocalist Dave Baksh, bassist Cone McCaslin, and drummer Steve Jocz. Wooed by the boys' goofy antics and incendiary live show (and excited about the prospect of promoting their very own blink-182), Island put Sum 41 on the payroll in 1999. The Half Hour of Power EP followed, and Warped Tour dates got the word out. They returned in 2000 with the fun-filled full-length All Killer No Filler, and the singles "In Too Deep" and "Fat Lip" became staples of both modern rock radio and Total Request Live. An extensive tour followed, and Sum 41 enjoyed their success the way all near-teenage boys would, with plenty of towel-snapping, groupie-loving, and self-deprecating, low-ball humor. In 2002, they returned to wax with Does This Look Infected? While the album was a bit harder-edged, it found the band just as jazzed as ever to mix punk-pop business with sophomoric pleasure: the video for "Hell Song" featured the fellas acting out a sort of rock star debauchery cage match with the aid of a few celebrity action figures. Metallica, Jesus Christ, and the Osbournes all made appearances in the hilarious clip. It was not all fun and games, however, as their involvement in the charity group War Child Canada had Sum 41 lending a hand in the making of a 2004 documentary covering the effects of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Five days into filming, fighting and gunfire suddenly erupted around them, and they barely escaped unharmed -- these events led to 2004's slightly more mature and serious effort, Chuck, named for the UN aid worker, Chuck Pelletier, who was instrumental in getting them to safety. The DVD Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo was released at the end of 2005 and the live album Go Chuck Yourself appeared the following March. Guitarist Dave Baksh left the band during the spring of 2006 due to creative differences, going on to form the metal-punk outfit Brown Brigade. Sum 41 continued on as a trio, and their first album as such, Underclass Hero, appeared in July 2007. The band eventually returned to being a quartet, replacing Baksh with guitarist Tom Thacker, and began to work on a new album. That new album, entitled Screaming Bloody Murder, appeared in March of 2011. "Blood in My Eyes," a single from the album, was nominated for a Grammy that year. However, due to a series of back injuries for Whibley, Sum 41 would not return with new material for half a decade, despite their critical success. During the break, Jocz left the band and was replaced by Street Drum Corps' Frank Zummo. Baksh also returned to the fold, just in time for Sum 41's comeback in 2016. The group signed with Hopeless Records and embarked on an international tour that included stops in China and a stint on that summer's Warped Tour. Their sixth LP, 13 Voices, featured the lead single "Fake My Own Death." While promoting the album, Whibley revealed that he was in an alcohol-related induced coma in 2014. While recovery included learning to walk and play guitar again, Whibley contributed a large part of his healing to the writing process of 13 Voices. To coincide with the album release, the band embarked on an international tour dubbed "Don't Call It a Sum-Back." ~ Johnny Loftus
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Sum 41

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Sum 41

  1.   Song
  2.   Fat Lip
  3.   Still Waiting
  4.   In Too Deep
  5.   Blood in My Eyes
  6.   The Hell Song
  7.   Pieces
  8.   Motivation
  9.   War
  10.   Fake My Own Death
  11.   Baby You Don't Wanna Know
  12.   Underclass Hero
  13.   With Me
  14.   Makes No Difference
  15.   Some Say
  16.   Walking Disaster
  17.   We're All to Blame
  18.   Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  19.   Open Your Eyes
  20.   Jessica Kill
  21.   Heart Attack
  22.   Screaming Bloody Murder
  23.   A Murder of Crows
  24.   My Direction
  25.   Crash
  26.   Pull the Curtain
  27.   No Brains
  28.   Thanks for Nothing
  29.   There's No Solution
  30.   Summer
  31.   God Save Us All (Death to POP)
  32.   There Will Be Blood
  33.   Exit Song
  34.   Back Where I Belong
  35.   Makes No Differencee Version]
  36.   March of the Dogs
  37.   Noots
  38.   Angels With Dirty Faces
  39.   What We're All About
  40.   Rhythms
  41.   What I Believe
  42.   The Fall and the Rise
  43.   Goddamn I'm Dead Again
  44.   A Dark Road Out of Hell: Holy Image of Lies
  45.   Dear Father
  46.   [Untitled]
  47.   So Long Goodbye
  48.   Best of Me
  49.   Count Your Last Blessings
  50.   88
  51.   I'm Not the One
  52.   The Bitter End
  53.   Hooch
  54.   Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid
  55.   Mr. Amsterdam
  56.   All Messed Up
  57.   Pain for Pleasure
  58.   Crazy Amanda Bunkface
  59.   Introduction to Destruction
  60.   Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About
  61.   32 Ways to Die
  62.   I Have a Question
  63.   Machine Gun
  64.   Twisted by Design
  65.   Breaking the Chain
  66.   What Am I to Say
  67.   Skumf*k
  68.   A Dark Road Out of Hell: Sick of Everyone
  69.   Reason to Believe
  70.   A Dark Road Out of Hell: Happiness Machine
  71.   Speak Of The Devil
  72.   King of Contradiction
  73.   Ma Poubelle
  74.   The Jester
  75.   Welcome to Hell
  76.   No Reason
  77.   Moron
  78.   Billy Spleen
  79.   A.N.I.C.
  80.   All She's Got
  81.   Handle This
  82.   Never Wake Up
  83.   Nothing on My Back
  84.   Another Time Around
  85.   Second Chance for Max Headroom
  86.   T.H.T.
  87.   13 Voices
  88.   Reign in Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree)
  89.   Always
  90.   Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times
  91.   Grab the Devil
  92.   Slipping Away
  93.   Intro
  94.   Ride the Chariot to the Devil
  95.   Grab the Devil by the Horns and **** Him Up the ***
  96.   Time for You to Go