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Summer Camp

U.K. artists Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey started making music together as Summer Camp in October of 2009, and their sunny wash of mellow C-86 pop was a timely fit with the lo-fi synth pop craze (coined "chillwave") that was sweeping the States. With their identity concealed, the two posted a short series of videos that went viral due to their clever usage of gauzy old movie footage -- "Ghost Train" rearranged the tame scenes from the 1969 X-rated film Last Summer, and "Round the Moon" borrowed clips from the '70s romantic teen drama A Swedish Love Story. Teen heartache in movies became an ongoing theme for Warmsley and Sankey, and as well as the aforementioned songs, Summer Camp's debut EP included songs about "Veronica Sawyer" (Winona Ryder's character in Heathers) and "Jake Ryan" (the boy-crush of Molly Ringwald's character in Sixteen Candles). Moshi Moshi released the Young EP in November of 2010. The duo recorded their second album with Pulp's Steve Mackey co-producing, and Welcome to Condale was released in late October of 2011 by Apricot and Moshi Moshi. The following year, Summer Camp toured the album across the U.K., released an EP (Always) in July, then spent the rest of the year writing songs for their third album. With production by Stephen Street (the Smiths, Blur), 2013's Summer Camp was the duo's most accomplished-sounding record to date. In what must have seemed like a dream come true for them, the duo's next project was providing the soundtrack to Charlie Lyne's Beyond Clueless, a documentary delving into the teen movies of the '90s. The experience was rewarding and found them expanding their musical template to include some '90s indie rock sounds. It also gave them the confidence to self-produce their albums, which they did on 2015's Bad Love. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

  1.   Song
  2.   Down
  3.   Swimming Pool
  4.   Weak Walls
  5.   Christmas Wrapping
  6.   Last Christmas
  7.   Here Again
  8.   Drive Past My House
  9.   Horizon
  10.   Welcome to Condale
  11.   Outside
  12.   City
  13.   Everything Has Changed
  14.   Ghost Train
  15.   Beyond Clueless
  16.   Life
  17.   Night Drive
  18.   Hunt
  19.   Everlasting
  20.   Done Forever
  21.   Losing It
  22.   Fighters
  23.   Enrolment
  24.   If You Hate Me
  25.   Learn to Love Yourself
  26.   Losing My Mind
  27.   Pink Summer
  28.   1988
  29.   I Got You
  30.   Sleepwalking
  31.   Angela
  32.   Phone Call
  33.   Brian Krakow
  34.   Keep Up
  35.   Whatever
  36.   Last American Virgin
  37.   Done With Christmas
  38.   I Want You
  39.   Spring Fling
  40.   Fresh
  41.   Summer Camp
  42.   Keep Falling
  43.   Crazy
  44.   Run Away
  45.   The End
  46.   You're Gone
  47.   Bad Love
  48.   Always
  49.   Nobody Knows You
  50.   Two Chords
  51.   House Party
  52.   I Don't Wanna Wait Til Christmas
  53.   Judgement
  54.   Better Off Without You
  55.   Graduation
  56.   Meet the Cliques
  57.   Beautiful
  58.   Jake Ryan
  59.   Round the Moon
  60.   Veronica Sawyer
  61.   Was It Worth It?
  62.   Why Don't You Stay

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