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Hailing from the aptly named town of Cemetery Junction, near Reading, England, Sylosis began taking shape in the year 2000, when lead guitarist Josh Middleton and bassist Carl Parnell first joined forces with an assortment of school mates and began tinkering with several different extreme metal sub-styles. In due time, the band developed a complex sound meshing death, thrash, and hardcore ingredients with a keen appreciation for melody, which they proceeded to test-drive on a pair of EPs (2006's Casting the Shadows and 2007's The Supreme Oppressor) while waiting to grow old enough to play in local pubs. These independent releases also generated enough buzz to attract influential metal label Nuclear Blast, which signed Sylosis -- now featuring vocalist Jamie Graham, rhythm guitarist Alex Bailey, and drummer Rob Callard, alongside mainstays Middleton and Parnell -- and released their debut full-length, Conclusion of an Age, in late 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Awakening
  3.   Conclusions Of An Age
  4.   After Lifeless Years
  5.   Enshrined
  6.   Last Remaining Light
  7.   Quiescent
  8.   Harm
  9.   Servitude
  10.   Victims and Pawns
  11.   Paradox
  12.   Monolith
  13.   What Dwells Within
  14.   Procession
  15.   Eclipsed
  16.   Dystopia
  17.   Oath Of Silence
  18.   Stained Humanity
  19.   From the Edge of the Earth
  20.   Where the Wolves Come To Die
  21.   Empyreal, Pt. 2
  22.   Mercy
  23.   Kingdom of Solitude
  24.   Callous Souls
  25.   The River
  26.   Sands of Time
  27.   Behind the Sun
  28.   A Serpent's Tongue
  29.   The Blackest Skyline
  30.   Different Masks on the Same Face
  31.   Overthrown
  32.   Empyreal
  33.   Teras
  34.   Altered States of Consciousness
  35.   Desolate Seas
  36.   Zero
  37.   To Build A Bomb
  38.   Swallow The World
  39.   Apparitions
  40.   Beyond the Resurrected
  41.   Earth's Dust
  42.   A Dying Vine
  43.   Fear the World
  44.   Dormant Heart
  45.   Transcendence
  46.   Reflections Through Fire
  47.   Pillars Erode
  48.   Out from Below
  49.   Leech
  50.   Born Anew
  51.   Conclusion of an Age
  52.   Indoctrinated
  53.   All Is Not Well
  54.   Empyreal (Part 2)
  55.   Where the Sky Ends
  56.   Withered
  57.   Empyreal, Pt. 1

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