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Michael Romeo formed Symphony X in New Jersey in 1994. The original lineup of the group included Thomas Miller (bass guitar), Rod Tyler (vocals), Jason Rullo (drums), and Michael Pinnella (keyboards). They released their self-titled debut later that same year. The next year they put out the follow-up The Damnation Game. 1995 also saw Tyler leave the group, his replacement coming in the personage of Russell Allen. Their next release came out in 1997. It was the critically acclaimed The Divine Wings of Tragedy. In addition to the critical praise, this disc became the group's biggest commercial success to date. Before recording their next album, Rullo left the band. He was replaced by Thomas Walling. With this lineup, the group released Twilight in Olympus, which garnered both greater critical kudos and greater sales. In a unique turn of events, however, the band faced a new lineup change. Newcomer Walling and bassman Thomas Miller both decided that they were not up to touring for the album. The recently departed Rullo rethought his exodus and came back into the Symphony X fold. Andy DeLuca was brought in on bass for the duration of the tour. After the tour was over, the group found a permanent replacement in Mike LePond. This formation of the group released their fifth album in 2000 -- V: The New Mythology Suite. The following year, Symphony X released their first live album, Live on the Edge of Forever, which captured performances from their 2000 European tour. In 2002, the band continued to mine mythology with their sixth studio album, The Odyssey, which was based on Homer's epic of the same name. They band a bit of a break while its members released solo albums, but came together again in 2007 with the released of Paradise Lost, a concept album based on Milton's tale. Taking a break from mining the past, the band looked to the future for the theme of their next album. The result was 2011's Iconoclast, which featured a darker tone and a cautionary story about machines taking over the world. After a global tour, the band took an extended break. They began working on new material in 2014. Their ninth studio offering, Underworld, was announced in May of 2015. Though not conceptual, it was loosely inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, particularly its first section, The Inferno. The album was released at the end of July. ~ Gary Hill
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Symphony X

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Symphony X

  1.   Song
  2.   Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
  3.   King of Terrors
  4.   Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
  5.   Fallen
  6.   Wicked
  7.   Of Sins and Shadows
  8.   Out of the Ashes
  9.   The Eyes of Medusa
  10.   Evolution (The Grand Design)
  11.   Smoke and Mirrors
  12.   Paradise Lost
  13.   Awakenings
  14.   Reign in Madness
  15.   Rediscovery Part 2: The New Mythology
  16.   Nevermore
  17.   When All is Lost
  18.   Domination
  19.   The Turning
  20.   Sea of Lies
  21.   Charon
  22.   The Haunting
  23.   Communion and the Oracle
  24.   Overture
  25.   The End of Innocence
  26.   Prometheus (I Am Alive)
  27.   Iconoclast
  28.   Bastards of the Machine
  29.   The Serpent's Kiss
  30.   Accolade II
  31.   Incantations of the Apprentice
  32.   The Bird-Serpent War
  33.   The Edge of Forever
  34.   Through the Looking Glass (Pts. 1, 2, 3)
  35.   A Fool's Paradise
  36.   On the Breath of Poseidon(Segue)
  37.   Through the Looking Glass
  38.   Prelude
  39.   Legend
  40.   Run with the Devil
  41.   In My Darkest Hour
  42.   To Hell and Back
  43.   Kiss of Fire
  44.   Without You
  45.   Underworld
  46.   Heretic
  47.   Seven
  48.   The Sacrifice
  49.   Revelation
  50.   Death Of Balance/Candlelight Fantasia
  51.   Masquerade
  52.   Secrets
  53.   Savage Curtain
  54.   Candlelight Fantasia
  55.   The Divine Wings of Tragedy
  56.   Pharaoh
  57.   Lady of the Snow
  58.   In the Dragon's Den
  59.   Sonata
  60.   Church of the Machine
  61.   Egypt
  62.   Transcendence (Segue)
  63.   The Odyssey: Pt. 1: Odysseus' Theme/Overture/Pt. 2: Journey to ...
  64.   Light Up the Night
  65.   Rediscovery (Segue)
  66.   Children of a Faceless God
  67.   Bird-Serpent War/Cataclysm
  68.   Swan Song
  69.   Dehumanized
  70.   The Walls of Babylon
  71.   Fallen - Transcendence(Segue)
  72.   The Damnation Game
  73.   The Witching Hour
  74.   The Accolade
  75.   Death Of Balance/Lacrymosa
  76.   Absence of Light
  77.   The Relic
  78.   The Lords of Chaos
  79.   Whispers
  80.   Eve of Seduction
  81.   Oculus Ex Inferni
  82.   Dressed to Kill
  83.   Electric Messiah
  84.   Orion - The Hunter

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