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Best known as the female vocalist for Finnish gothic/symphonic metal act Nightwish, Tarja (full name Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen) was born on August 17, 1977, in Kitee, Finland. Her prowess as a soprano landed her a place studying classical voice at the Sibelius Academy in Kuopio, where fellow student Tuomas Holopainen took on Tarja as vocalist for his musical project, which was to be christened Nightwish in 1996. Tarja continued to pursue solo interests during her time recording and touring with Nightwish, including a solo in a 1999 rock ballet, a 2002 tour of South America, and a 2004 Christmas single entitled "Yhden Enkelin Unelma" ("One Angel's Dream"). In 2005, Tarja was asked (via "open letter") to leave Nightwish, with the rest of the band citing financial and personal concerns. A public display of he-said/she-said followed, and Tarja became a solo artist full-time. After her forced departure, she made some live appearances, as well as an appearance on an album of her brother's work before beginning work on an album of her own. October 2007 saw the release of that first solo album, My Winter Storm, which was released on Spinefarm Records. In 2009 she began work on her second solo effort, taking time out to record a duet with Klaus Meine of the Scorpions, "The Good Die Young," which appeared on the veteran group's 2010 album Sting in the Tail. In the fall of 2010, Tarja's second solo album, What Lies Beneath, was released; an ambitious effort combining classical and metal elements, Tarja supported the release with extensive touring, including a series of German dates opening for Alice Cooper. In 2013, Tarja's third solo effort, Colours in the Dark, was released. The album was a commercial success, rising to the Top Ten of the album charts in the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the U.K. Tarja also made a guest appearance on the EP Paradise (What About Us?) by the Dutch group Within Temptation. In 2015 Tarja issued her third live album, Luna Park Ride, which was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Victim of Ritual
  3.   I Walk Alone
  4.   The Good Die Young
  5.   Little Lies
  6.   Falling Awake
  7.   Our Great Divide
  8.   Poison
  9.   Damned and Divine
  10.   Naiad
  11.   Until Silence by Tarja Turunen
  12.   Lucid Dreamer by Tarja Turunen
  13.   Where Were You Last Night / Heaven Is a Place On Earth / Livin' On a Prayer
  14.   Rivers of Lust
  15.   In For a Kill
  16.   Stargazers
  17.   Neverlight
  18.   Lost Northern Star
  19.   Victim Of Ritual (Summer Breeze Open Air 2014 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  20.   Anteroom Of Death (Wacken Open Air 2014 / Wacken, Germany)
  21.   500 Letters (Tele-Club 2014 / Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  22.   Until My Last Breath (Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  23.   I Walk Alone (Masters of Rock 2010 / Vizovice, Czech Republic)
  24.   Wishmaster
  25.   Medusa by Tarja Turunen
  26.   Deliverance by Tarja Turunen
  27.   Mystique Voyage by Tarja Turunen
  28.   500 Letters by Tarja Turunen
  29.   Never Enough
  30.   Enough
  31.   We Are
  32.   Until My Last Breath
  33.   Underneath
  34.   The Archive of Lost Dreams
  35.   Dark Star
  36.   You Would Have Loved This by Tarja Turunen
  37.   Damned Vampire & Gothic Divine
  38.   Calling Grace
  39.   Minor Heaven
  40.   Ciarán's Well
  41.   Boy and the Ghost
  42.   Die Alive
  43.   My Little Phoenix
  44.   The Escape of the Doll
  45.   The Reign
  46.   Seeking for the Reign
  47.   Sing for Me
  48.   Damned And Divine (Tele-Club 2014 / Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  49.   I Feel Immortal (Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  50.   The Archive Of Lost Dreams (Masters of Rock 2010 / Vizovice, Czech Republic)
  51.   Darkness by Tarja Turunen
  52.   Wisdom of Wind
  53.   The Seer (Deleted Scene)
  54.   I Feel Immortal
  55.   Crimson Deep
  56.   Sunset
  57.   Neverlight (Tele-Club 2014 / Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  58.   Ite, Missa Est
  59.   Never Enough (Summer Breeze Open Air 2014 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  60.   In For A Kill (Masters of Rock 2010 / Vizovice, Czech Republic)
  61.   Signos
  62.   Montañas de Silencio
  63.   Anteroom of Death
  64.   Oasis
  65.   Still of the Night
  66.   The Siren (Summer Breeze Open Air 2011 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  67.   Die Alive (Summer Breeze Open Air 2014 / Dinkelsbühl, Germany)
  68.   Crimson Deep (Masters of Rock 2010 / Vizovice, Czech Republic)
  69.   The Crying Moon
  70.   My Winter Storm (Making of the Album)
  71.   [Bonus Material]
  72.   DVD
  73.   Whitesnake
  74.   Ave Maria by Tarja Turunen
  75.   En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa by Tarja Turunen
  76.   Happy Christmas (War Is Over) by Tarja Turunen
  77.   Happy New Year by Tarja Turunen
  78.   Jo Joutuu Ilta by Tarja Turunen
  79.   Jouluyo, Juhlayo by Tarja Turunen
  80.   Kuin Henkays Ikuisuutta by Tarja Turunen
  81.   Magnificat: Quia Respexit by Tarja Turunen
  82.   Marian Poika by Tarja Turunen
  83.   Mokit Nukkuu Lumiset by Tarja Turunen
  84.   The Eyes of a Child by Tarja Turunen
  85.   Varpunen Jouluaamuna by Tarja Turunen
  86.   Walking in the Air by Tarja Turunen
  87.   You Would Have Loved This by Tarja Turunen
  88.   Into the Sun
  89.   Nemo
  90.   Tired of Being Alone
  91.   Oasis: The Archive of Lost Dreams
  92.   Toccata and Fugue D-Minor (BWN 565)/The Phantom of the Opera
  93.   Over the Hills and Far Away
  94.   The Siren
  95.   If You Believe