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Blue Sky Black Death

Each a respected producer in his own right, Kingston and Young God joined forces when they decided to create the group Blue Sky Black Death. After they signed to Mush Records in 2005, the duo set to work on making their first record. A Heap of Broken Images, a two-disc album divided into an instrumental set and one featuring guest appearances from MCs like Guru, Sabac Red, AWOL One, Jus Allah, and Chief Kamachi, came out in June 2006, while Blue Sky Black Death Presents the Holocaust, which, as the title states, featured the vocals from Wu-Tang affiliate Holocaust, was released just a few months later. ~ Marisa Brown
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Blue Sky Black Death

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Blue Sky Black Death

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Blue Sky Black Death

  1.   Song
  2.   They Came Around
  3.   Sleeping Children Are Still Flying
  4.   Stairway to Heaven
  5.   Sun of Man
  6.   Where Do We Go
  7.   Still Asleep
  8.   Forgive Me
  9.   Everything by AWOL One
  10.   The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter
  11.   All the News Is Bad Again
  12.   The Era When We Sang
  13.   Street Legends featuring A Plus
  14.   Farewell To the Former World
  15.   Pray Together
  16.   Better Than Jewelry
  17.   It Wasn't White
  18.   Listen Child
  19.   Smoking Room
  20.   Floor Chalk
  21.   Lady of the Birds
  22.   Written in Blood
  23.   IV
  24.   Monarchs
  25.   Slow Years
  26.   Skies Open
  27.   Starry
  28.   Swords From Driftwood
  29.   What Can the Matter Be
  30.   Crash
  31.   Wing to Wingfeather
  32.   The Ocean
  33.   Days Are Years
  34.   Where the Sun Beats
  35.   Engage My Words featuring Jus Allah
  36.   Not Here
  37.   I
  38.   Killer Moth
  39.   Rerun
  40.   Different Hours
  41.   Sinister
  42.   Legacy to Fuel
  43.   Lord of Our Vice
  44.   A Private Death
  45.   Chloroform
  46.   Twilight Zone
  47.   Our Hearts of Ruin
  48.   II
  49.   Audiobiography
  50.   V
  51.   III
  52.   Sky With Hand
  53.   Fire For Light
  54.   We All Are Well Known
  55.   Ahead of the Game
  56.   Scriptures
  57.   Brain Cells
  58.   Grimey Styles
  59.   Poor Righteous Dreams
  60.   No Image
  61.   In the Quiet Absence of God
  62.   Institution
  63.   Most Merciful
  64.   Scandal
  65.   Painted Jezebels
  66.   And Stars, Ringed
  67.   Razah's Ladder
  68.   Ghosts Among Men
  69.   From Sun's Angle
  70.   Gold In Gold Out
  71.   Cynic's Cough
  72.   Heroin for God
  73.   Set Fire
  74.   To the Ends of the Earth
  75.   Shoot You Dead
  76.   Falling Short
  77.   Threads of Gold
  78.   God Be with You
  79.   Rap Creature Land
  80.   Guilty Ones
  81.   I Catch Fire
  82.   Plunder
  83.   The Cube
  84.   The Worst
  85.   Elevation
  86.   My Work Will Be Done
  87.   Threats
  88.   Absentee
  89.   Dream of Dying
  90.   Halos
  91.   Carl Sagan
  92.   Project Prophecy
  93.   Long Division by Rob Sonic
  94.   Call to Arms