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The Builders and the Butchers

Although the Builders and the Butchers formed in Portland during the mid-2000s, the band's hybrid of folk, country, and twangy rock evokes the Great Depression more than the contemporary Northwest. The group's beginnings date back to fall 2003, when frontman Ryan Sollee relocated from Alaska to Portland with his then-current band, the Born Losers. A newfound fascination with blues, country, and gospel music convinced Sollee to launch a different project, and the musician teamed up with several local players -- including bassist Alex Ellis, organist/percussionist Ray Rude, drummer Paul Seely, and mandolin/banjo player Harvey Tumbleson -- to form the Builders and the Butchers. Playing their first show in fall 2005 (on Halloween weekend, no less), the Builders quickly found an audience with their dark, Southern gothic songcraft, most of which was played on acoustic instruments with little amplification. Although the band was forced to add amplifiers as the crowds increased, the down-home appeal still remained, and local Americana label Bladen County Records soon signed the Builders and the Butchers to their roster. A self-titled LP followed in March 2007. Despite being recorded in a studio, the band's debut was essentially a live record. Released in 2009, Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well proved to be a different story, featuring a polished Americana sound courtesy of the Decemberists' Chris Funk, who produced the album. After logging several months on the road, the Builders and the Butchers went back to their original approach for their third effort, Dead Reckoning, which was recorded in a series of inspired live takes over eight days. In 2013 the band released its fourth studio outing, the Badman-issued Western Medicine. ~ Andrew Leahey
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The Builders and the Butchers

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The Builders and the Butchers

Top Songs by
The Builders and the Butchers

  1.   Song
  2.   Casket Lands
  3.   Cradle On Fire
  4.   Spanish Death
  5.   Slowed Down Trip to Hell
  6.   When It Rains
  7.   The Wind Has Come
  8.   Vampire Lake
  9.   Black Dresses
  10.   Darker Day
  11.   Moon is on the March
  12.   Take Me Home
  13.   Poison Water
  14.   Rotten to the Core
  15.   Fox
  16.   Bottom of the Lake
  17.   Dirty In the Ground
  18.   Blood Runs Cold
  19.   It Came from the Sea
  20.   Black Elevator
  21.   Hands Like Roots
  22.   Devil Town
  23.   Barcelona
  24.   Ten Miles Wide
  25.   The Coal Mine Fall
  26.   Bringing Home the Rain
  27.   The Gallows
  28.   Redemption Sound
  29.   Black Elevator-Black Dresses
  30.   The Rain
  31.   Out of the Mountain
  32.   Older Than Sin
  33.   Raise Up Your Weary Hands
  34.   Take These Bones
  35.   The Night, Pt. 1
  36.   Family Tree
  37.   All Away
  38.   Find Me in the Air
  39.   Raise Up
  40.   Lullaby
  41.   Watching the World
  42.   The Snow
  43.   All Turn to Fire, Pt. 2
  44.   I Broke The Vein
  45.   The World is a Top
  46.   Pennies In the Well
  47.   The Night, Pt. 2
  48.   Ceceil
  49.   Short Way Home
  50.   No Grave
  51.   Blood For You
  52.   No Roses
  53.   Never Tell
  54.   All Turn to Fire, Pt. 1
  55.   Let It Shine
  56.   Red Hands
  57.   Edge Of A Knife
  58.   Desert On Fire
  59.   Golden & Green
  60.   We All Know the Way
  61.   In the Branches-Coal Mine Fall
  62.   The Night-Red Hands
  63.   Hellfire Mountain
  64.   Let the Wind Carry Me Home
  65.   In the Branches
  66.   Down In This Hole

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