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The Cribs

Yorkshire, England's the Cribs feature three brothers: vocalist/guitarist Ryan Jarman, bassist/vocalist Gary, and drummer Ross. The trio began playing together at an early age, debuting at a family party in the late '80s when twins Gary and Ryan were nine years old and Ross was just five. The brothers grew up with similar musical tastes, blending quintessentially British influences like the Beatles, Sex Pistols, and Smiths with American indie rock like Beat Happening and Bobby Conn. Eventually, the Cribs got to play with both Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson and Conn; Conn liked the Cribs so much that he invited them to record with him in his Chicago studio. The Cribs released three singles, Another Number, What About Me, and You Were Always the One, before signing to Wichita Records in late 2003. The band spent 2004 readying its self-titled debut album, which was recorded in London's famed Toerag Studios; touring with the Datsuns; and performing at that year's CMJ Festival. Late that year they began working on their second album with Orange Juice's Edwyn Collins as producer. The Cribs was released in the U.S. in early 2005. Later in the year, the band issued its second album, The New Fellas. Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever, which boasted production by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos, arrived in 2007. That same year, Gary met Johnny Marr, an admitted fan of the band. They began collaborating on some songs, with Marr joining the band on-stage throughout the 2008 NME awards tour. By August 2008, Marr had officially joined the band, and the resulting album, Ignore the Ignorant, arrived late in 2009. In April of 2011, Marr announced he was quitting the group to work on solo material, leaving the remaining bandmembers to work on their next record. Back to their original trio lineup, the Jarmans recorded songs at Dave Fridmann's upstate New York Tarbox Studios; at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago; and at London's Abbey Road Studios. The results, the raw but tuneful In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, arrived in May 2012. Early in 2013, the compilation Payola arrived, which collected songs from the early period of their career that spanned 2002-2012. The compilation cleaned the slate for the band and in 2014 they began writing sessions in Portland, Oregon before they crossed to the East coast into New York’s Magic Shop studio to begin recording. They recruited Cars frontman and respected producer Ric Ocasek to work on their sixth album For All My Sisters, which arrived in 2015. ~ Heather Phares
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The Cribs

  1.   Song
  2.   Men's Needs
  3.   Mirror Kissers
  4.   Ignore the Ignorant
  5.   Come On, Be A No One
  6.   You Were Always the One
  7.   Girls Like Mystery
  8.   Last Year's Snow
  9.   Better Than Me
  10.   Cheat on Me
  11.   City of Bugs
  12.   Hey Scenesters!
  13.   Anna
  14.   I Should Have Helped
  15.   Uptight
  16.   Shoot the Poets
  17.   I'm a Realist
  18.   Baby Don't Sweat
  19.   Mr. Wrong
  20.   Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?
  21.   Ancient History
  22.   Diamond Girl
  23.   I've Tried Everything
  24.   Simple Story
  25.   Different Angle
  26.   The New Fellas
  27.   Kind Words from the Broken Hearted
  28.   Moving Pictures
  29.   We're Gonna Love
  30.   We Were Aborted
  31.   Things You Should Be Knowing
  32.   Orange Star Rattle
  33.   Cowlily
  34.   I See Your Pictures Every Day
  35.   Pink Snow
  36.   Spring on Broadway
  37.   Summer of Chances
  38.   Pacific Time
  39.   Your Eyes Are Dreaming
  40.   Heaven Just Knows
  41.   Tell Me Darling
  42.   Like a Gift Giver
  43.   Back to the Bolthole
  44.   Confident Men
  45.   Jaded Youth
  46.   Victim of Mass Production
  47.   Get Yr Hands Out of My Grave
  48.   Things Aren't Gonna Change
  49.   Haunted
  50.   Hello? Oh...
  51.   Martell
  52.   Learning How to Fight
  53.   Another Number
  54.   An Ivory Hand
  55.   What About Me
  56.   Fevers And Seizures
  57.   Pure O
  58.   Emasculate Me
  59.   Burning for No One
  60.   We Share the Same Skies
  61.   It Was Only Love
  62.   Regina, Don't Get Lost
  63.   Major's Titling Victory
  64.   You & I
  65.   Stick to Yr Guns
  66.   Hari Kari
  67.   Our Bovine Public
  68.   Finally Free
  69.   I'm Alright Me
  70.   Tri'elle
  71.   The Watch Trick
  72.   The Wrong Way to Be
  73.   Lights Went Out
  74.   City Storms
  75.   Glitters Like Gold
  76.   Butterflies
  77.   Arena Rock Encore with Full Cast
  78.   Leather Jacket Love Song
  79.   We Share the Same Sides
  80.   Don't Believe In Me
  81.   Be Safe
  82.   Nothing
  83.   Save Your Secrets
  84.   Wish I Knew You in the 90's
  85.   We Can No Longer Cheat You
  86.   Chi-Town
  87.   My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
  88.   Third Outing
  89.   Stalagmites
  90.   Direction