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The Dø

A French-Finnish duo claiming whatever sounds capture its fancy as its own, the Dø (pronounced "doh," like the first note of the solfege scale) features multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy and vocalist Olivia Merilahti. The pair met while working on the music for the 2005 French film Empire of the Wolves and, taking the first letter from each of their first names, christened their own project the Dø soon after. The duo's first release, a three-song EP that included "The Bridge Is Broken," a song composed for the contemporary ballet Scène d'Amour, arrived later that year. Levy and Merilahti continued composing for film, contributing music to films including the award-winning The Passenger, as well as for dance, theater, and poetry productions, while preparing the Dø's debut album. They earned a fast following in their home base of France; after posting several songs on their MySpace page in 2007, the Dø played a series of sold-out concerts in Paris. One of those songs, "On My Shoulders," became the band's first single and the first taste of the duo's album. In 2008, their debut full-length, A Mouthful, made it to the top of the French charts, and made the Dø the first band to accomplish that feat while singing in English. With the album's subsequent release in the rest of Europe and Australia, Levy and Merilahti spent much of 2008 and 2009 touring. In September 2009, the pair embarked on their first North American tour, but A Mouthful was not released in the U.S. until Six Degrees issued it in April 2010. Late that year, the Dø released the Dust It Off EP, which hinted at the even more colorful, confident direction of Both Ways Open Jaws, which was released in Europe in March 2011 and in the U.S. that November. After finishing their touring duties for that album, Merilahti and Levy sought a new approach. Finding inspiration in the abrasive electronics of Fuck Buttons, Death Grips, and Kanye West's productions, they returned with the focused yet edgy Shake Shook Shaken in 2014. ~ Heather Phares
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The Dø

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The Dø

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The Dø

  1.   Song
  2.   Too Insistent
  3.   Trustful Hands
  4.   Tammie
  5.   Only Takes a Night
  6.   Poppies
  7.   Going Through Walls
  8.   Dust It Off
  9.   Stay (Just a Little Bit More)
  10.   Playground Hustle
  11.   Instant Crush
  12.   On my Shoulder (Spotify Session
  13.   Omen
  14.   Nature Will Remain
  15.   Opposite Ways
  16.   A Mess Like This
  17.   Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy
  18.   Sparks
  19.   Keep Your Lips Sealed
  20.   Tightrope
  21.   The Wicked & the Blind
  22.   The Calendar
  23.   Smash Them All (Night Visitors)
  24.   Slippery Slope
  25.   Quake, Mountain, Quake
  26.   Moon Mermaids
  27.   Leo Leo
  28.   Gonna Be Sick
  29.   Bohemian Dances
  30.   B.W.O.J.
  31.   Playground Hustle and Bustle
  32.   In My Box
  33.   Aha
  34.   Travel Light
  35.   Searching Gold
  36.   Unissasi Laulelet
  37.   At Last!
  38.   On My Shoulders
  39.   Song for Lovers
  40.   No Clue
  41.   Anita No!
  42.   The Watchtower
  43.   Coda
  44.   Was It a Dream?
  45.   Open C
  46.   Queen Dot Kong
  47.   Lick My Wounds
  48.   The Bridge Is Broken
  49.   When Was I Last Home?
  50.   Mind Police
  51.   MIracles (Back in Time)

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