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Dirty Heads

Following in the footsteps of their California brothers Sublime, Huntington Beach's Dirty Heads mix hip-hop, reggae, and rock along with that laid-back South Cali attitude. The group formed in 2003 when punk rocker Dustin Bushnell (aka Duddy B) asked his friend, rapper Jared Watson (aka Dirty J), to collaborate on a project that would focus on positive vibes and infectious grooves. Watson added singing to his vocal skills, and with percussionist Jon Olazabal joining, an acoustic trio version of Dirty Heads began playing shows and building an audience. They soon hooked up with producer Rob Cavallo and headed into the studio to record their debut album for Warner Bros., but differences with the label had them looking for other opportunities. Still, the band was able to retain most of its work, including sessions with drummer Josh Freese, along with the late-Beatles collaborator Billy Preston in one of the keyboardist's last recordings. The finished album, Any Port in a Storm, would arrive in 2008, with a deluxe edition following in 2010. The deluxe version featured the track "Lay Me Down" with special guest Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome. The song would top Billboard's Alternative Songs chart just before the summer of 2010. They followed up two years later with Cabin by the Sea and later recorded an acoustic version of the title track. This, in turn, led to an entire acoustic album in 2013 called Home: Phantoms of Summer. Dirty Heads' next album, Sound of Change, would prove to be a breakthrough for the now-veteran band, debuting at number eight on the Billboard Top 200 while topping the Independent and Alternative Albums charts upon its May 2014 release. Building on their renewed success, Dirty Heads enlisted a bevy of industry hitmakers to work on their self-titled 2016 follow-up which, thanks to its mainstream appeal, again charted high on the Billboard Top 200. The following year saw the band drop the Dessert EP, as well as the singles "Vacation" and "Staloney." ~ David Jeffries
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Dirty Heads

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Dirty Heads

  1.   Song
  2.   Lay Me Down
  3.   Cabin By the Sea
  4.   My Sweet Summer
  5.   Stand Tall
  6.   Vacation
  7.   Dance All Night
  8.   Oxygen
  9.   That's All I Need
  10.   So Glad You Made It
  11.   Sound of Change
  12.   Celebrate
  13.   Staloney
  14.   Sloth's Revenge
  15.   Believe
  16.   Spread Too Thin
  17.   Medusa
  18.   Burn Slow
  19.   Red Lights
  20.   Too Cruel
  21.   Love Letters
  22.   Moon Tower
  23.   Arrival
  24.   Radio
  25.   Freedom
  26.   Feeling Good
  27.   Best of Us
  28.   Silence
  29.   Your Love
  30.   Franco Eyed
  31.   Burials
  32.   Notice
  33.   Viva la Vida
  34.   Mana
  35.   Under the Water
  36.   End of the World
  37.   Sails to the Wind
  38.   Doesn't Make You Right
  39.   Hipster
  40.   Driftin'
  41.   Can't Sit Here
  42.   Day By Day
  43.   Mongo Push
  44.   Lonely One
  45.   Insomnia
  46.   Running for Your Life
  47.   Coming Home
  48.   Smoke & Dream
  49.   Garland
  50.   Shine
  51.   Chelsea
  52.   Neighborhood
  53.   They Don't Even Know
  54.   The Truth
  55.   Smoke Rings
  56.   Disguise
  57.   Everything I'm Looking For
  58.   Hip Hop Misfits
  59.   Check the Level
  60.   Realize It
  61.   I Got No Time
  62.   Morning Light
  63.   So Long
  64.   Get Somewhere
  65.   Diamonds & Pearls
  66.   Phantom
  67.   Warming Sun
  68.   Antelope
  69.   God Damn Liar
  70.   Lonely for Me
  71.   Dark Days
  72.   Hear You Coming
  73.   One Hand
  74.   Headphones
  75.   Knows That I
  76.   Easy
  77.   Taint
  78.   Mad at It
  79.   We Will Rise
  80.   Rains It Pours
  81.   Vacation
  82.   West Coast
  83.   Visions
  84.   Vacation
  85.   High Tea
  86.   Outro (Beast of the Lake)
  87.   Intro (Anchors Up)
  88.   Farewell
  89.   Burn By Myself
  90.   Strike Gently
  91.   Higher and Higher
  92.   Gold To Me