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The Dodos

Originally formed in 2006 as Dodobird by multi-instrumentalist Meric Long, unpredictable San Francisco indie rock duo the Dodos acquired their new moniker with the arrival of Logan Kroeber, a fellow West Coast artist whose penchant for experimental drumming and progressive metal melded perfectly with Long's interest in West African Ewe drumming and country blues fingerpicking. The Dodos independently released their debut album, Beware of the Maniacs, that same year, followed by Visiter in 2008. Long and Kroeber added electric vibraphonist Keaton Snyder to the fold and collaborated with producer Phil Ek on 2009's Time to Die, which found the trio exploring a more fleshed-out sound. For 2011's No Color, the band recruited Neko Case as a supporting vocalist and returned to its Visiter-era approach. The following year they were left in shock by the news of the sudden death of touring member Chris Reimer (also of Canadian outfit Women), who passed away in his sleep. This led Long and Kroeber to reassess the entire band, and for Long in particular, the way he approached songwriting and his guitar work. Their fifth record, Carrier, was released in 2013. Two years later, the band returned with Individ, a set of songs recorded shortly after Carrier that focused on Visiter-like interplay between Long and Kroeber. ~ James Christopher Monger
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Albums by
The Dodos

Top Songs by
The Dodos

  1.   Song
  2.   Fools
  3.   Red and Purple
  4.   Fables
  5.   Black Night
  6.   Competition
  7.   The Season
  8.   Don't Try and Hide It
  9.   Small Deaths
  10.   Nerds
  11.   Bastard
  12.   Relief
  13.   Make Up Your Mind
  14.   Men
  15.   Death
  16.   Park Song
  17.   Bubble
  18.   Retriever
  19.   Good
  20.   The Tide
  21.   When Will You Go
  22.   The Ball
  23.   Eyelids
  24.   Horny Hippies
  25.   Two Medicines
  26.   Chickens
  27.   God?
  28.   Elves
  29.   Transformer
  30.   Troll Nacht
  31.   Stranger
  32.   The Current
  33.   The Ocean
  34.   It's That Time Again
  35.   So Cold
  36.   Horns
  37.   Hunting Season
  38.   A Time To Die
  39.   Undeclared
  40.   Trades & Tariffs
  41.   Substance
  42.   This Is a Business
  43.   Acorn Factory
  44.   All Night
  45.   Bob
  46.   Lily
  47.   Joe's Waltz
  48.   Companions
  49.   Neighbors
  50.   Ashley
  51.   Winter
  52.   Goodbyes and Endings
  53.   Going Under
  54.   Sleep
  55.   The Strums
  56.   Beards
  57.   Never Meant
  58.   Pattern/Shadow
  59.   Confidence
  60.   Walking
  61.   Don't Stop
  62.   Precipitation
  63.   Family
  64.   Paint the Rust
  65.   Darkness
  66.   Destroyer
  67.   Holidays
  68.   Longform

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