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The Early November

The members of the Early November were young enough to have grown up with the Drive-Thru Records sound, a formula that incorporated sensitive emo, pop, and punk revivalist amalgams with a bit of post-hardcore grit. The band first emerged in 2000, fighting to secure shows in their busy South Jersey scene while hoping to land a deal with Drive-Thru. By 2002, they succeeded when label figureheads Richard and Stefanie Reines signed vocalist/guitarist "Ace" (Arthur) Enders, bassist Sergio Anello, drummer Jeff Kummer, and guitarist Joseph Marro on the strengths of their demo and solid buzz. They made their label debut with the For All of This EP later that year. Promising appearances on the Warped Tour's Drive-Thru stage that summer spread the word, and by late 2003 the band's full-length debut, Room's Too Cold, was released. It was a particularly lush take on the Drive-Thru sound, with strings and ballads and a focus on the rich vocal presence of Enders. The band toured extensively behind the record; Enders later issued the first effort from his solo project I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business in late 2004 and briefly toured behind the disc. Enders then turned back to the Early November, and writing began that summer for their follow-up sophomore release. Recording commenced in February 2005 with a fifth member on board, guitarist Bill Lugg. The band also released a summer split EP with I Am the Avalanche, Vinnie Caruana's post-Movielife project. The resulting The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path was eventually issued in July 2006 as an ambitious triple album. Boasting a rock-oriented disc ("The Mechanic"), a more mellow, stripped-down disc ("The Mother"), and a third character-based soundtrack with dialogue to intermingle among the first two ("The Path"), the album debuted at number 31 on the Billboard Top 200. Various rounds of touring followed. In March 2007, however, the bandmembers announced their plans to go on an indefinite hiatus after the completion of scheduled dates that year. Following a four-year hiatus, the Early November reunited for a show in Philadelphia in late 2011. Additional shows were soon added and the bandmembers revealed they had signed with Rise Records to record their first album since 2006. Despite the time off, the band's third album, In Currents, fared well, reaching number 43 on the Top 200 and number six on the Independent Albums chart upon its 2012 release. Their fourth album, Imbue, arrived in the spring of 2015 and was once again produced by Enders. The Early November's next release was in the form of a career-spanning retrospective called Fifteen Years. Released in early 2017 by Bad Timing Records, the album featured new acoustic recordings of songs from throughout the band's history. ~ Johnny Loftus & Timothy Monger
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The Early November

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The Early November

  1.   Song
  2.   In Currents
  3.   Narrow Mouth
  4.   Something That Produces Results
  5.   Long Talks
  6.   I Want to Hear You Sad
  7.   A Bigger Meaning
  8.   Is It My Fault
  9.   Every Night's Another Story
  10.   Circulation
  11.   Scared to Lose
  12.   Fluxy
  13.   Take Time and Find
  14.   All We Ever Needed
  15.   I Don't Care
  16.   Magnolia
  17.   The Smell of This Place
  18.   Session 09
  19.   1000 Times a Day
  20.   Outside
  21.   Ashala Rock
  22.   Sunday Drive
  23.   No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
  24.   Come Back
  25.   Harmony
  26.   Tell Me Why
  27.   Like a Kid
  28.   A Little More Time
  29.   This Wasn't in Our Plan
  30.   Never Coming Back
  31.   Session 03
  32.   I Don't Know How to Say This
  33.   Exchanging Two Hundred
  34.   Baby Blue
  35.   We Write the Wrong
  36.   Nothing Lasts Forever
  37.   The Negatives
  38.   Wearing the Tie
  39.   That's Not Your Real Name
  40.   Guilt and Swell
  41.   Close To You
  42.   Little Black Heart
  43.   The Car in 20
  44.   Make a Decision
  45.   Money in His Hand
  46.   Runaway II
  47.   Session 07
  48.   Guess What
  49.   Uncle
  50.   Session 04
  51.   Session 01
  52.   The Truth Is
  53.   Decoration
  54.   Everything's Too Cold...But You're So Hot
  55.   Dinner at the Money Table
  56.   The Course of Human Life
  57.   Ever So Sweet
  58.   Boxing Timelines
  59.   Digital Age
  60.   Call Off the Bells
  61.   Hair
  62.   I Think This Is Love
  63.   Look At Me
  64.   We Grew Up the Same
  65.   Intro
  66.   Power of Love
  67.   Cyanide
  68.   Session 05
  69.   Session 06
  70.   The Rest of My Life
  71.   Sesame, Smeshame
  72.   Frayed in Doubt
  73.   From Here to L.A.
  74.   Session 08, Pt II
  75.   Session 08
  76.   You Don't Know What It's Like
  77.   We're Finding Something Out
  78.   This Is Love
  79.   Runaway
  80.   Make It Happen
  81.   My Sleep Pattern Changed
  82.   The Mountain Range in My Living Room
  83.   My Lack of Skill
  84.   Figure It Out
  85.   Better This Way
  86.   Session 02
  87.   The One That You Hated
  88.   A Stain On the Carpet
  89.   Driving South