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Mother Hips

Formed in Chico, CA, in 1991, earthy pop jam rockers the Mother Hips moved up from bar band status through a series of regional tours and built a sizable fan base in California. Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Tim Bluhm, guitarist Greg Loiacono, bassist Isaac Parsons, and drummer Mike Wofchuck met in the dorms of Chico State in the early '90s. Loiacono and Bluhm's harmonies and country-tinged melodies honored California's musical past -- from Merle Haggard to the Beach Boys to Neil Young. Their 1992 album, entitled Back to the Grotto, caught the ear of American Recordings, which released 1995's Part-Timer Goes Full and 1996's Shootout. This relationship led to high-profile slots on tours with Johnny Cash, Wilco, and the H.O.R.D.E. tour. Drummer Wofchuck was replaced by John Hofer for 1998's country-rock Later Days. Three years later, the band released the more pop-oriented Green Hills of Earth. As soon as the album gained notoriety, singer/guitarist Greg Loiacono decided to take a break from the group, leaving the band's status in question. In 2005, Bluhm, Loiacono, Hofer, and new bassist Paul Hoaglin resumed playing music and released the Red Tandy EP on Camera Records in 2006 and followed it up with the full-length Kiss the Crystal Flake in early 2007. ~ Zac Johnson
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Mother Hips

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Mother Hips

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Mother Hips

  1.   Song
  2.   Run Around Me
  3.   Turtle Bones
  4.   Hey Emilie
  5.   Chum
  6.   Confirmation of Love
  7.   Back to the Grotto
  8.   Sunshine Feel
  9.   Protein Sky
  10.   Freed From a Prison
  11.   Cheer Up Champ
  12.   In This Bliss
  13.   Such a Thing
  14.   Been Lost Once
  15.   Del Mar Station
  16.   Precious Opal
  17.   The Lion & the Bull
  18.   One Way Out
  19.   Time We Had
  20.   Sarah Bellum
  21.   The Figure 11
  22.   Given for You
  23.   Desert Moon
  24.   Pacific Dust
  25.   Headache To Headache
  26.   TGIM
  27.   Song for J.B.
  28.   Channel Island Girl
  29.   Mission in Vain
  30.   The Isle Not of Man
  31.   St. Andrew
  32.   Poison Oak
  33.   Let Somebody
  34.   Stoned up the Road
  35.   Colonized
  36.   Red Tandy
  37.   Rich Little Girl
  38.   Are You Breathing?
  39.   Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear
  40.   Pet Foot
  41.   Trunk Box
  42.   Young Charles Ives
  43.   Chronicle Man
  44.   Potrero Road
  45.   Tehachapi Bloodline
  46.   Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
  47.   Magazine
  48.   Toughie
  49.   Smoke
  50.   Singing Seems to Ease Me
  51.   This Is a Man
  52.   Shape the Bell
  53.   Pull Us All Together
  54.   Shut the Door
  55.   Wicked Tree
  56.   The Flood
  57.   Jess Oxox
  58.   Bent Carousel
  59.   Barefoot Sea Chantey
  60.   Jefferson Army
  61.   You Can't Win
  62.   Creation Smiles
  63.   Afternoon After Afternoon
  64.   Not So Independent
  65.   Third Floor Story
  66.   White Hills
  67.   Showing It All to Bad Marie
  68.   Blue Tomorrow
  69.   El Pancho Villa
  70.   White Falcon Fuzz
  71.   Stephanie's For L.A.
  72.   Best Friend in Town
  73.   Hot Lunch
  74.   Two Young Queen
  75.   White Headphones
  76.   Are You Free
  77.   Loup Garou
  78.   Emotional Gold
  79.   Seaward Son
  80.   Desert Song
  81.   Behind Beyond
  82.   Life in the City
  83.   All in Favor
  84.   Take Us Out
  85.   No-Name Darrell
  86.   Rose of Rainbows

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